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Who Is Dave Crane?

  • One of the freshest and highly requested trainers and motivational speakers in the market. In the last few years he has worked in Spain, South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, Greece, Egypt, the Caribbean, Italy and Monaco. One motivational session in Greece led to one Global company recording a 49% growth in sales within their next 12 months period and they attributed much of it to his work.
  • CD ‘Now That’s What I Call Hypnosis’ was recently performed to Bollywood royalty in Mumbai including Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Khan, Simi Garewell and Pooja Bedi. Sold over 3,000 copies and changed lives everywhere.
  • Certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner and life coach.
  • The only Stage Hypnotist in the Arabian Gulf having trained and performed in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.
  • One of the region’s best known entertainers with many credits including eighth year as Entertainments Director and host of Dubai Rugby Sevens, the Gulf’s Biggest Sporting event (120,000 in stadium) and the Rugby Sevens World Cup (200 million viewers).
  • Host of the Dubai Desert Rock and Rhythm Festivals with Robert Plant, Kanye West, Joss Stone, The Prodigy, Mika, Ziggy Marley, Madness and Iron Maiden.
  • Host of The Legends Rock Dubai Tennis Masters Championship with Jim Courier, Pat Cash and Thomas Muster and Michael Stich.
  • Host of The Speedcar Series Motor Racing with Jean Alesi, Jacques Villenauve, Gianni Morbidelli, Johnny Herbert and Stefan Johansson.
  • Opened Planet Hollywood Dubai with Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, Cindy Crawford, Amitabh Bachchan, and Tia Carrera.
  • Occasional Host of The Laughter Factory, the Gulf’s longest running stand-up comedy night and numerous promotions.
  • Have worked with many major names in the music business including James Brown, Sting, Bryan Adams, Kanye West, UB40, Enrique Iglesias, Robert Plant, Iron Maiden, Joss Stone, Westlife, The Prodigy, The Human League, Velvet Revolver, Paul Weller, Madness, Mika, Ziggy Marley, Melanie C and Geri Halliwell.
  • One of the best known names in regional radio having worked on 99.3 Radio 2FM, formerly the station manager of 104.8 Channel 4FM and Dubai 92 FM.
  • Freelance journalist for many high profile publications.
  • Freelance TV presenter/reporter.

“No one really knew what to expect, all I can say is that the team were totally in awe and concentration levels high with the interesting and alternative approach you used. My guys were bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm and energy. Everyone was at ease and conversations and ideas flowed freely.‟„

Sally Groves
Regional ES Manager – Middle East, Pakistan, Africa & Europe
Wal-Mart Global Procurement

“It was a great experience to meet you and see how you changed YOUR life and began to realize your dreams, to feel how you want to share the tools to allow others to change their lives for the better. You have a message that people are seeking out and want to hear, and you may be creating a tribe that will have deep roots one day. You’re connecting people with themselves again, reminding them that awe and wonder are a part of life, that the mediocre and mundane is to be avoided; that we are meant to be creatures of excellence, not of habit. I honestly hope your uplifting message brings you the great reward you deserve.”Lloyd De Jongh
Researcher, Speaker & Emotional & Social Intelligence Trainer.


“Many thanks for your superb “Secrets of Success” workshop on 31st of March. Not only was it truly inspiring and memorable but it was above and beyond what we asked you to deliver. The whole Channel Management Department thoroughly enjoyed it and people are still quoting things from all the material we covered. Personally, it has given me the desire to have more focus in my life in terms of the future and how I want to live my life. Excellent stuff! I/We look forward to more Life Designer events in the future.”

Laura E Wyatt
Manager – Etisalat Marketing Department.

„The concept of your The Secret to Your Success is just brilliant and insightful. Breathtaking from the very first words. Your workshop offered solid steps and a good formula/process for mastering the law of attraction and positively dealing with different types of situations as well as people that could make a person‟s life a fantastic adventure. It was motivating to get affirmation that every problem we face, whether money, health, relationships or a combination of those, has a perfect solution…and that anything is easy if you ‘know’ how. By using these time-honored truths as tools, my colleagues and I will be prepared to face any difficult challenge…and what’s more, to fix it!
I’m impressed by how much I gained in a short day’s time, what a wonderful combination of wisdom and kindness. Not surprising, since those two traits are exactly what you embody in everything you do. There’s an old Jewish saying, ‘Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.’ I believe that those fortunate enough to make the decision to partake in your seminars will sense this in all of the information you present.
Thank you Dave for being just a great example of all that is good in our world.”Ilzé Els
Manager Partner, Results Coaching


“Hi Dave, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say many many thanks – once again – for the amazing support you‟ve given to The Wellbeing Show this year, both in terms of the pre-event promotion as well as the excellent presentations you gave at the show. Everything you did went such a long way to contributing to the big success again – so here‟s looking forward to the next one.”

Virginia Kern
Owner of Fairs and Exhibitions




“The experience was mind-blowing and simply out of this world. It gave me the ability to find and use the peace and relaxation that already exists in my mind and body.‟

Monis Hasan
Aviation Consultant



“Many thanks for the Fantastic evening, you are indeed a great entertainer and life coach, it was a great experience having you around and look forward to doing something again with you in the future.”

Malcolm D’Souza
President UAE, Financial Markets Assn,
Head of Treasury and International
The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah




“The relaxing session was well balanced and took us to places of tranquility and excitement, just to put us back in our shoes with a new prospect to life. Way to go, Dave!‟

Samir Naji
Marketing Executive



The whole experience left me feeling ALIVE. I had the best day ever. If I were a multi millionaire I would go and buy a million copies and give one to everyone I see, it did so much for me I would like to share the joy with others. Sadly I am not a multi millionaire yet, but for everyone who I buy birthday presents for, a copy of your CD will definitely be part of their birthday gift this year. Dave your work is fantastic. I look forward to learning more from you in future.

Julie Marie Vine
Life Coach


Dear Dave,
I wanted to say to you how moved and evoked I was. It really made me re think who I am and what I had achieved to put me to a point to how I can achieve what I want.
I would strongly recommend your course to any friend, colleague or company to gain a valuable insight into empowering individuals to believe in themselves to achieve results.
You are the best!

Sarah Laws
Fashion Designer
The Polo Mint



“Dear Dave,
You have done it again, Congratulations!
Always an inspiring read, and full of things that we know, but need to be reminded of. Dave always has a knack for being able to keep his readers, and participants glued to his every word.
Dave has definitely made a difference in my life!”

John P. Szabo, Program Director
Zain Africa

“It was a pleasure to work with you. I was impressed that you took the time to understand your audience and adapt your presentation accordingly.
The presentation was thought provoking humour – a pleasant surprise! We all walked away with a smile on our faces having learnt something new about ourselves while pondering on how we were going to make both ourselves and the world a better place.
Many thanks….I look forward to working with you on many occasions in the near future.”Fiona Swaffield,
Event Director and Managing Partner
Siren Consulting


“Coming to your session the other night made me realise quite a few things and one in particular was that when I met you a year ago I just hadn‟t reached the point where I motivated myself to do anything to be honest I seemed to have sunk even lower. So that said I now have a deep desire to change my life and was glad to attend your session again it was a real boost to the New Year, New Me, thank you.”

Jeanette Kelly
Production Manager

“I was highly motivated and ‘given a shakeup’ by the session. Until now I have been ‘talking the talk’ of change but not actually ‘walking the walk’. I now realise that I have been pretending to be positive and worse still, kidding myself about what I wanted. I am a high school teacher; I teach science and biology and always felt passed over and not valued. I just let it bother me and make me more bitter taking it personally. Your talk made me realise that I should be doing what I do best, that doesn‟t mean giving up or not striving, it means striving to be the best at what I do best. Not trying to be something else. I couldn‟t figure out what my noble cause as, I didn‟t know, even at your session, I am certain I do now. I thought it was to carry on and prove everyone wrong, it‟s not, it‟s partly to be a great teacher, at what I do now but ultimately, I have spent my life striving professionally.
After the session I felt better and watched the secret the next day. I really felt it this time, which was interesting. I made decisions and affirmations and know what I have to do. I have restarted my job search and on Monday, after your session I was called by a school asking me if they could call me for supply teaching work! I again thank you for the session.”Celia Ellston
Science Teacher


‘Dave Crane provided an excellent balance of professional support at the Reckitt Benckiser mid year conference with his stress management clinic in the afternoon and then the highly entertaining hypnosis show in the evening. The hypnosis show provided brilliant entertainment and appealed to the diverse cultural mix present on the evening. The delegates were all discussing it again the next morning and the problem now is that huge expectations have been set for the next conference. Well done Dave, a great show. Thank you.”

Dominic Myers,
General Manager, Matrah Cold Stores, Oman.

“It was a fantastic idea to have Dave Crane down at the DCC MENA event. As usual these conferences / events are usually very formal and people find it difficult to relax and use the event for the purpose it was designed for, networking. Dave Crane added an element of relaxation, laughter, creativity but most importantly managed to bring everyone together in a very informal way. His bubbly personality, his comical approach and his creativity set a great atmosphere for the entire conference; we look forward to being entertained again by David Crane in the near future!”Leon Gifford
Regional Sales & Marketing Manager
Toshiba Gulf Free Zone (CSD)



“What are the odds of discovering the Greens of Ireland or meeting old friends at a corporate worksh op? Dave Crane turns expectations upside down with his hypnotic and extremely entertaining and relaxing show. A fantastic experiential journey and the very opposite of any ordinary workshop ice-breaker. Time flies with Dave Crane!”

Oliver Stelling
Chief Operating Officer
Mondia LLC/Bates Pangulf

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