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Daily Motivation. De-clutter your life.

July 4th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Daily Motivation. De-clutter your life.
Dave Crane

Out with the Old, in with the New…

Out with the Old, in with the New…

Good Morning! It’s me Dave Crane… How are you today? All the way to work for me another broadcast this money because we’ve been running around getting things ready because my wife and daughter are going verification very soon of the Singapore, Malaysia leaving me home alone with the dog and lots of TV to watch and catch up on and and books. Right thing to do their share most of his ideas review as we go along now we want to share you just miss morning I could be a problem with the shortest ever broadcast have ever done to you is about the clutter in your life. Now yesterday my wife did an amazing thing transfer all my cupboards see these companies behind went through all of my other stuff in my office is actually looking at not much more tidy. But a little bit cluttered and she said right let’s get rid of all the stuff has been there for a very long time let me just illustrate you there seems bag that shoes I just shouldn’t wear anymore that you just get rid of. And here I’ve got more stuff that’s going to be got rid of and even more stuff I’ll just show you how much stuff came out my cupboards you will not believe it stuff was just there I kind of liked but probably doesn’t fit me anymore. and do something about. Are you ready for this? Already this is the stuff I had and I well my wife is easy decluttered.

Oh my goodness is probably best part about six or seven full black bags full of clothes and cables and shoes and books and stuff but just SAT there for ages taking up space. Because if you like me you think all you know you should hold on to that be good for a rainy day but the amazing thing is that once it is a rule of thumb. Actually, it’s a six month rule if you’ve had stuff for six months are not used it you’re probably never going to use it. So get rid of it because what happens is there’s a blockage I feel liberated it’s amazing feeling all that stuff out. Because you feel guilty because he paid good money for it so what is that having a meal you know you don’t take the meal home movie.

If you haven’t finished it will maybe doing a dog impacts about some quite work out but basically pay for you. Can do what you want to close with all the things you store up when you release them there’s an energy that moves around and it feels great to have the energy back again. Honestly, my office feels completely different got some tidying up to do I’ll grant you that but pretty much all the stuff that needed to go has gone from the main covered with all the clothes and so on stop some books to go through still got a lot of old technology like DVDs to get rid of your computer games and software and all the other books which I could just copy on sue audio files and get rid of my CDs instead of the ton of stuff to start to come.

So the lesson today is dead simple how many things in your life a cluttering you are not just talking about things that we could be talking about getting rid of some rubbish and it’s always useful to do that. But it could also be things that you’ve been playing with are doing for a very long time I thought you know what about time you did something about to have never grounded the clutter your life there’s no better time than the summer to do it. Now, a lot of people wait until the new year other ways of the day I’m gonna say right now clean everything out going to start my life again.

Hooray, woo and start thinking in terms of that why bother as soon as it’s got in your head let it burn a little hole that makes you go around and look at all the things you truly don’t need to have any more start with the physical style of things that really shouldn’t be there are taking up more space than it’s worth. And you don’t lift the lid off in case lots of stuff pops out and then you go to spend an hour looking through it just be discipline will I use it again. Now all I save it until the rain today because it’s rainy day chuck it get the bin bags give them away it’s full of clothes are clothes are going to be putting out never been but something that will take the charity shops as well. Some people can use this stuff that’s some stuff on every morn I thought was a good idea of the time and then I just forgot about it and then yes and then nature catches up with lots of lovely food and then it becomes difficult to sell the back on again.

So if you’ve got other stuff the clutter that the same is true for later chips as well I will have fun about it too much because this is all stuff for a different conversation at a later date but if you’ve got lots of people who you really should be interacting with more a lot of people who take up your time and make you feel oh because it just taking. Maybe it’s time to declutter them at the same time it’s not quite spring cleaning because it’s still a middle of summer but not a bad shout ok.This is it end of story. Just start decluttering and maybe you feel his energy energized as I do today a catch-up you later and some of my girls go on holiday.

So you got to be nice to me and then be be good to me if I just thought of it first thing in the morning probably this isn’t too much.

Have a great day and I’ll see you later!

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