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Daily Motivation. Why Older IS Better…

July 18th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Daily Motivation. Why Older IS Better…
Daily Motivation

10 Superstars Who Made It AFTER 40…

Hi! It’s Dave Crane. Is such a hot day to think about come back, just to tell you a few things. You have had a number of conversations, actually come out to feed the dog at the same time. I don’t have conversations with people recently talked about age and something how old we are and how that’s you know we’ve only got a few years left. So, make the most of all the rest of it and I think it’s a lot of value and that but I’m going to say I’m sick to death of hearing about I’ll tell you exactly why I mean I don’t know if you know how all day on various people who are friends on Facebook will know how old am I. Like probably knows how old I am because strange enough her birthday is a three days young three days before mine.

So I can always tell what President she’s got me as to what I’m gonna get a hotel and all that listen to you and what I wanted to talk about is in fact that so many people think when it comes down to age but we all going to live to about the age of 50, 60 and that’s it game over. Well, I hate to spoil that for you because I don’t think that’s the case it’s all I think the truth is that you will live to whatever age you decide you’re gonna be. In fact what scientists are saying I should say the scientist is like saying these spaces boffins the miles away are saying the truth is we’ll probably live until we get sick of being alive hundred years old under 20 years old. We’ll talk about the ability to have a 3d printers print out parts of the body but we need new bones new skin new muscles and tissues forget about think of things like get replacements we can already do that right now. So what I want to do is share with you a couple of things I thought about this morning you know when you’re feeling all you thinking out there is a younger generation they’re gonna be able to do much better than me.

I’m sure be a couple of ideas a couple of stars who only made in when they’re about well in the late forties and back in many cases early fifties. Now you don’t think it hold on what you mean by that this can be anybody like that you’d be very surprised and the big stars as you make it a much later date to me like before I mention who they are think about it you’re actually at your biggest hitting age run about the age of 40, 45 up two by the age of 60 you had already experienced you’ve done it. You’ve got a t-shirt you’ve earned accolades you’ve got a reputation being fantastic what you do and also you’re young enough to hold off all the young pretenders.

It will go along and try and grab your throne and say I’m as good as that guy I can do it cheaper some people want quality wanted better up until the age of 60, 65 you still at the top of your game. Now the odds are you’ve probably lived about a hundred and twenty that’s what we’re predicting just purely because we’re able to reinvent ourselves and replace bits and science is going to a point where at some point counsel be right to remove your member and everyone scared of AIDS. And now HIV is that as bad as before you can take the treatments and medicine and sort of all out at least delay but the problems it creates it’s amazing isn’t it.

So by the time you and I get about old age we’re thinking. Oh my goodness everything’s going great you might well still have massive opportunities. But want to do is show you 10 people at least a fair few of them but i think I’ve got better with age and prove to you but it doesn’t matter how old you are you can still create your super success after the age of 40. Let’s start with this guy can you see if it’s probably Samuel, l, Jackson very his as nick fury of a good father of all the Marvel Super Heroes something called Jackson made it his first big screen debut.

And not talk about jungle fever or you might recognize them being in there was never a massive film his breakthrough role came in Pulp Fiction playing Julius. Remember that wonderful saying they said I’m a character is nominated for an Oscar we should have been and and he was 43, 43 when that happened let’s take another starts at Samuel Jackson my favorite alter matters I think all right you might say is not the best actor but certainly the coolest of a lot recognize this lady is that Martha Stewart some people go ray some people go there no because I argue that woman is a building a very successful.

She only has been catering for many years but her whole house wife catering cook chef expert persona only came around in her forties she got TV and she’s at the right position to be able to establish yourself and also disciplined enough to be able to make sure that she got what she wanted out of it became a multi-billionaire look beyond ours. I don’t think it matters that level you just billionaire just going to create that success because you’re so good at doing it next on the list it was this running Reagan I can’t do the impersonation I wouldn’t do forget about the politics think about the success Ronnie Reagan only go into politics in his fifties before the games. And that’s a good bad you choose been here for a very long time but all those acting skills came into play when it became one of the most famous presence of all time and time will tell whether is one more successful president of all time he won the Cold War.

Let’s face it but you choose your own politics but you can’t argue with the fact that he ride with age and it would have been anything like the president, he was whether it was good or bad is up to you but just think about the persona only came because of the fact they’ve been around for a very long time and eventually get to that level of success next up recognize this fellow no that is for the Henry Ford gt40 member Gerald Ford is great for you anyway this is the guy who invented ford cars he was about 43.

So body for something like that when he first started making a Model T again in his forties until then he would have been able to get around to doing it just didn’t have enough clouds didn’t have the finances and then have a battle plan to be able to move forward with it. This guy you might recognize as well a gram Lincoln he’s been in and out politics a couple of times in fact that back into it and he was in the fitness 47 when he decided to return back to it and then decide to get back in and then eight years later became the president.

So it just goes to prove to you but you will write good with age and with no said when he should actually get runs are doing it I should have my jacket and now going to us together taking off in case you look really sweaty if you look for about that she really hot outside share a couple more do you recognize this guy. Now no let me check our state just a second Mr. Chacko yourselves right that’s because I apologize sweaty has right back again ok hopefully it’s not too many patches just ignore them just pretend I’ve been in a show all right this guy.

Here you recognize a linkedin pearl logo Reid Hoffman 43 years old now you think about Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and all the new socks start up online ventures and certainly think about the fact that you go to a superstar to be able to get these to happen and a young superstar is not young 43 and quite fact doesn’t make any difference. He held back here in this process when he launched it became an instant billionaire so it just goes to show you that LinkedIn or whatever it is you’ve been hatching for a long time it may well have legs. So stop worrying about what people are going to think about it it’s not thinking about when is the right time right time is now and your age is not anything that’s going to hold you back got a couple more of these to go right.

Okay! Who’s that probably reverse ice isn’t it there you go ray kroc founder of mcdonalds now i’ll talk about McDonald’s in more depth at a later date ray crops 53 when it launched McDonnell’s i actually bought at from the Mcdonalds brothers you know that oh I’ll just tell me anyway McDonald’s is one of me most profitable companies on the planet not because of its burgers you know what it is it’s one of the biggest real estate companies in the world that business model is phenomenal I’ll go through it more in a later date but think about it the best real estate on the planet already has Mcdonalds in it they own all the best properties not about the burgers even more like eating. Ok, 53 great crock next up with my heroes Alan Rickman remember severus snape from a harry potter genius actor fantastic died far too young gotta admit but remembers breakout role play hands Gruber and die hard in his forties that’s when the world first started taking notice of him.

And agree with fantastic Alan Rickman ok what did well and stations what I’m on stage for many years but never got his big break until his forties couple months ago this guy Sam Walton, creator of Walmart that billion-dollar company responsible for people dressing really badly all right all looking at the bargains for all around the world probably one of the world’s biggest supermarket chains created by this guy. And he was in his fifties as you know I think about 44 when he launched it and they went to bigger and better because you don’t launch a billionaire company very often you have to build it from the ground up words.

But it done over a search on the ground work and have a fantastic business model all set I’ll spend some more time with these characters in the future and show you their business model so you can experience a little bit better and last but not least this guy no it’s not my dad think about it does look a lot like that Colonel Sanders, Colonel Harland Sanders the creator of the KFC, kentucky fried chicken and you might not be a fan of the chicken you might not even admit to eating it. But the guy was 65 when he decided that he was going to go around he took all his social services checks.

And they put them into trying to launch his business of this secret recipe I should never do that i hate when people do that but my ipad your secret recipe was the only thing you have you been to a number of chicken shops. And said look this is why i have it’s a really good I there and everyone said no I mean literally on it goes down to about a thousand different places he approached with his special recipe and nobody was interested said we’ve already got chicken what’s yours what makes you so special. He said the secret recipe and they were don’t do martial arts in front of those you with little old man it probably didn’t say that don’t forget martial arts at 65 but he carried on until somebody agree to a partnership on the menu and the rest is history now here’s my point again.

However old you are feeling remember the older you get the more smart you get you got a number of different things going to stay fit you got to make sure you work on your brain. And you got to make sure you’ve got my business idea but you’ve got all this time now to put into experience to find the right partnerships and also to look for the right opportunity to launch. All of you venture are your new business now I’m just showing up at the top of the pyramid there these are all guys are multi-millionaires but further on down the pyramid take it a little bit further down to about there or there or wherever you want it on the triangle you can be about here even get into here could be an amazing successes.

We should never have to be financial just have to be things that make you happy to let you know that you’ve done something with your life and you should be proud of what you manage to do so that’s a very quick on because I had so many people talking about I’m really old and look at the new generation and blah blah blah. Forget it you want the optimized age to create success if KFC can be created by colonel sanders at the age of 65 and you can keep going to your hundred years old and you can have much just stuck to dirty videos of girls anything else making super successful that’s it for me be a big hitter chill out take your time you are at the right time.

In your age trip the success you really want let me know how you think let me know how you feel leave some comments and I’ll address them and I have some free gifts for you. But maybe tomorrow’s broadcast I’ll be doing that somewhere else I think maybe not rushing to the house to feed my dog which is what I’m going to do right now.

So as I think the dog you chill out have a think about it and smile and it will be a super success.

That’s it for me I’m gonna go back to work.

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