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Daily Motivation. Summer Homesick Blues.

July 5th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Daily Motivation. Summer Homesick Blues.
Dave Crane

Have a lovely summer and be good to yourself. X

Is Dave Crane.. How you do and now it’s time for that motivation little bit later. They gonna be inside a getting things ready girls were going away on holiday and the usual six weeks or longer. Never actually sure how long it’s gonna be i’m going to share a lot of stuff of you but meanwhile let me introduce to you somebody even before no nobody knows somebody else. Did you see if he hurts you live now shall we go a message to give to everybody you’ve got bits of meat can jump up with that look at that face but I good this she was this is the weather kids and animals is what happens right my help you could see me.

Yeah, yeah you got a good side are you stop and think that you stop and sleep you don’t get balancing right to save a quick message anything any high when we have been holiday very good the part of the song features got make that you got mix on the feet which is traveling on a plane. And they’re there thought you could have slightly sore feet but also it gets really cold trust me it’s not medicine and sweaty on site. It’s kind of a hard day to go I got work to do I don’t get a holiday. But I’ll share my thoughts with its morning take it easy.

All the best thing about my should go sleep.

Bless yeah say!


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