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Discover the 5 Most Effective Ways To Network Without Using A Business Card

July 16th, 2013 | by Dave Crane

Hi Phil Bedford here.

Have you ever wondered why you are spending so much time actively networking and getting very little back for it?

Most people think shoving a business card into someone’s hand and asking them to stay in touch will be enough to convince the stranger to buy from them.

It isn’t.

A sale comes from a strong relationship where the other person is able to

a) Know you
b) Like you
c) Trust you

Well enough to do business directly or even recommend your product and services to others.

In this episode, I will share the 5 most effective ways to start building your network of friends, contacts and brand evangelists.

Also in my new feature Ask Dr Phil, I will be giving the answer to that universal problem…

‘How do I get business from attending networking events?’

All this and more in the very first episode of ‘The Rebel Networker’.


Have an outstanding day!

Phil Bedford

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