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Discover The Golden Rules Of Teambuilding

August 9th, 2013 | by Dave Crane
Discover The Golden Rules Of Teambuilding
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Discover The Brad Pitt Happiness Theory, The Golden Rules Of Teambuilding And Why It’s Never Been Easier To Make Joint Ventures (With Sohail Khan)…

Welcome to Episode 8 of ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand’

Do you know why Brad Pitt is so successful?

I didn’t.

That was, until I researched the answer for this episode of ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand TV’
…and it’s NOT what you think!

You will also find out:
1) Why joint venture guru Sohail Khan says you should make millions this year.
2) The golden rules of teambuilding.
3) How multi-millionaires always seem to ‘get lucky’ in business.

Plus Brad Pitt (say no more)

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Enjoy the show.

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