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Dubai Motivational Speaker

March 25th, 2014 | by Dave Crane

7I have lived in Dubai for 20 years at the time of writing this post.

I had hardly heard of Dubai before coming here and It took many more years of explaining, showing pictures and waiting before my friends and family came to realise that the UAE is one of the most exciting places in the world.
The growth of the country and region is phenomenal as shown by the successful bid to Dubai Expo 2020.
This leads to a great opportunity for any business owner who would like to get ahead of the competition.

Motivate your team and do it now.

There are several ways to do this and only one that always works.

1) The carrot and stick approach.
Rewarding and punishing your staff for their successes may seem to be a great way to emotionally motivate and stimulate your team because it is almost like a reflection of the trials and tribulations of real life. Except that work isn’t real life, its an artificial environment that needs an element of TLC built in. there has never been a more dangerous lace to mistreat your staff now that social media keeps the world watching you in real time.

2) Cash bonuses.
Once upon a time this was a great idea too but the problem with bonuses is after a while it becomes human natures to expect that to be a normal part of the monthly salary and not something that you have earned in addition to what the standard wage will be.

That means that the effort can ease off an also you face a backlash if they don’t get what they expect for any reason at all. The market might have been facing difficulties or your suppliers might have limited resources that affect your bottom line. Staff members don’t care about that – they just want to get paid.

3) Training
They only sure-fire way to get results on an ongoing basis from your team is to motivate them through training.

That means getting in from Dubai (and abroad) top keynote speakers, top motivational speakers, top teambuilding experts, top trainers and anything else that will give you the edge over the competition.

You may think that in Dubai or the UAE you already have worked a tangible advantage over the rest of your industry, but the problem is that you now need to be thinking globally too as your international rivals are also deciding that they can offer what you have at a better rate (think ‘loss leaders’) just to grab a foot hold in the market.

Any motivational speaker worth his/her salt will help you and your team to realize that the battleground has changed, as the stakes just got much higher too.

So in Dubai your motivational keynote speaker needs to have an understanding of the region and the make up of the nationalities like never before.

In the past it was often cute or even quaint to have a visitor to the country mispronounce a name or try to illustrate a point by saying ‘this is how we do it in my country’ supposedly illustrating that there were significant similarities to the experiences of the local and Dubai based market and economy.

As Dubai and the UAE market has matured, however there have been some very big milestones. The financial market has allowed the UAE to become a very significant indicator of the regional trends in the stock market economy. In the same way the growth of Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and the huge increase in tourism on a global scale as the UAE becomes a ‘must see/stop over’ hub for traffic across the region has led to a greater in-depth knowledge of the actual tradition, nature and flavour of the city on the ground.

That’s why its essential that anybody who trains in the local market is actually familiar with the local market. The country now has its own language of slang terms that are collected from the melting pot of mixed nationalities interacting and doing business 24-7.

‘Same same’, ‘Inshallah’ and ‘Habibi’ are used universally by anyone expat and UAE national alike in order to get the best result from their transactions.

These may seem like trivial instances but as the world shrinks and we are all more interconnected through social media and the internet, word of mouth carries a great deal of weight and any negative feedback will travel just as quickly and probably stay three times as log.

So choose your expert speaker wisely. Take the time to give them clear objectives, make sure that they know your key subject and take the time to watch them in action either live or at least on one of the many videos that they should be using to drive their marketing campaigns.

Once you’ve done your due diligence and everything measures up s required, then its time to unleash positive change on your employees.

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