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How To Get The Work Life Balance Right

June 17th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
How To Get The Work Life Balance Right
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First thing in the morning, i’m wearing my suit by the job was today. Yes! I was witnessing my crab claw. It inspires me while I sleep not really. It is getting bought t-shirts. So how are you today? Let’s talk about work-life balance because in a few moments I’m going to be getting showered up dressed up and heading to the airport to host the World Club tens rugby finals, the big championship global championship in Mauritius. Yes! Mauritius, Mauritius! Everything to save up to go error but that is really difficult actually.

Live in Dubai which is a lot of our own eyes. Anyway whenever you travel to somewhere really exotic and while people go I’m very lucky you can well actually. Live in Dubai, it’s one of the few places where you get Wi-Fi on the beach. Now, we want palm trees only got trees we want to pinnacle ideas. We’ve got poetry’s anyway what it talks about today it’s all about that the first conversation we had about my daughter is upset which you can teen titans want to talk about today is very simple and talk about work-life balance. Now, i’m traveling for days I’ve got really busy week at a great deal with Southern Sun hotels. The beginning of the week and i’m flying to Mauritius now to do four days so seeing this big event. I literally when the whistle blows on the final whistle of the whole tournament and straining saxy to all the airports and militias fighting back to us. Goodbye!

I’ve got to get the first thing the next morning. I learned about four or five o’clock in the morning enough time to come home and put us in shower up obviously. And then go straight out from the game. Bang, bang, bang! really excited but here’s the thing work-life balance is the question that go with it. Why do you go to work to earn money. Ok, why else do you go to work look so you can have a nice life style. Yeah it’s good for you why does he go to work break. It right down to the very basics why is it that you actually go to work let me go family makes a big difference is gonna be a family. And I guess it’s a few different things you come out of it. But his a simple fact i go to work so i can spend more time with my girls.

What do you mean you go to work has been more time. Ah, so if i work all the time I know lots and lots of money which is always a plus guess what happen. I want to see my family and it’s not balanced you’ve got to get right. It’s not always easy to do because obviously the lower is there is a fear the biggest fear that anybody has about providing for their family. Make sure they’ll start making sure you’ve always got a roof over their head that his thing and this is a meal. And the Robins talked about from the world’s greatest motivational speaker.

Imagine that you are a funeral as you go to my funeral it was very sad all crying and was dressed in black and you look at the coffin. That’s only in the coffin let’s look at the coffin you’re running on hearing a lot of people talking. And you recognize quite a few people there because of friends and members of your family but you’ve known as well. So it must be something quite close to you and everyone just chatting about the person is in the box and the coffin. And instead I was saying you know what I wish to spend more time with us. Because we had some family the holidays done some really nice places. But i don’t actually need to go to the nice places we could go to submit cheaper and closer. All we wanted was just more time with that about time of the month because all the silent. We were driving this big flash cars than his massive palace and that means wonderful experiences but never really so much of my mother that because there was busy at work I wish to work a little bit less and spend more time at home with us.

Now that resides on you imagine looking in the coffin and finding that person in the coffin was actually you. Now we’ve got a finite amount of time on this planet at some point you’re popular clocks will be no more you. I’m sorry I hate to break it to you. But this is where it goes to every second of every day you’ve gotta do something to make it worthwhile. Not just for you personally to know but it works. But also to know that you’re doing an impact make the world a better place and sending lots of love of the people you really care about. But as you doing this as you on your mission as you’re not wasting a single second of your time, you also the same time spending quality time with your kids over the people that love you that’s work-life balance.

If you work seven days a week yes you’ll beat the competition. You should be better than all the other people at work if you still putting in the extra hours and been going around saying wow that’s a really hard work. And promote them she’s doing really well but at some point you’ll forget why you go to work that’s why you have a week end. So you can reassess exactly what’s going on and why you need to be there. If you don’t have a weekend you will go crazy for weeks without a weekend. You lose the plot about what it is that you meant to be doing with your life. So always take a break reassess. And I’m not break and I generally take about three and a half of the fridays family day. Don’t mess with that at all visit the unique and it’s like a different friday society is. This weekend’s here so friday is a day off side and a half day. But I don’t touch anything else during those two days to rest of the time. And leave it all alone. So it can be more intense.

I don’t waste time hanging around looking at stuff and emails sort of doing it. Do it really hard when you need to do it and stop when you don’t because the kids will never turn around say thank you for working so hard. We’ll just say what do you remember about my parents would remember the good times and the good times. Don’t even have to be doing something special just being in the moment what she won’t draw, drawing with them criticizing loving then whatever. It takes to be a parent so again when it goes to be doing your stuff work your boss doesn’t own you and if you run – I your own self you’re running your own company or your job your industry doesn’t own you, you do get that balance right when you look back. And you have nobody same with great time we spend together then was it worth it. All if you’re 70, 80 years old and he retired and you’re on your own. And thinking why I look at me my wonderful palace and there’s nobody’s got shared experiences get that balance right promise. You make a difference and makeup balance today tell people that you love that you love them and spend time with them. When you stuck in the car make a phone call to some have not seen for a little while.

It makes good business sense. And also let us know what you think about work from that massive list of people. You just did not read the card you can find any business you want. You to do with them all they moved from a different company just check-in say have it doing. So intense match you’re saying thinking of you have a great day send them. This video tells them that you think about them that might work out the guilt. That’s happened so your work life balance has to be something that works for you. Works for everybody else as well because when you retire and we’ll make any bit of difference not one bit of it.

If you’re working smart you’ll be less hours and get more intensity in that focus. Simple things like writing and five things you need to do before you go to bed at night. Default in the morning reassessing which five is still valid as any programming a supercomputer mind to think of it overnight and it will change. The balance of them will change when it comes to doing what was the first thing in the morning. Only concentrate on the top one day with top on first as much as you can. Stop in a second one don’t multitask it doesn’t work I’m going to get some flack for this. But done to the first, one first, blah blah, blah, blah, I’m getting on a plane in flight operations can have a wonderful time working this event and spray. Simply, if you are running and during an airport, what’s the best way to learn your plane’s one design you got one way don’t clog it up with people trying to come in. Because you never did probably landed one at the time and you’ve got several runways one time on each of the same of your business in your life. Do as much as you can then stop when it comes to the end of the day and stop.

You’ve done as much as you can and be satisfied. You’ve got it right and if every stuff and stuff like this google. Someone up there is really further load it was about a million different things you should do your work life balance right. I’ve got now is to finish look – upstairs waiting for a froot loops but don’t want to actually come down. Since that day that they let my breakfast no choice but to say that I got the work-life balance wrong. As busy checking with you and should be upstairs for a little girl for a fly away.

So here we are spoon milk all pull it in and then it’s my job to me that i’ll be giving you updates. When i’m in mauritius by the way, So i’ll be sharing with you tips and let you know how it’s going over there. Meanwhile if you call this you want to get them as they happen. Don’t have to do this follow me on the business page.

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Thanks to all the guys for joining me. Let me know your thoughts and feelings all the way through a process of comments, and give you a feat my feedback as well.

And will be running some competitions for some really cool stuff in the next couple of weeks. So that’s it for me I’ll see all the other end of my flight.

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