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How To Survive The Walking Dead Summer Holidays

June 25th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
How To Survive The Walking Dead Summer Holidays
Dave Crane

WATCH THIS… Or Else… How To Survive The Walking Dead Summer Holidays..

So here we are once again, second part unfortunately the video ends off that introduced what we looking at today, she’s bad guys what kind of bad guys were talking about yum. Alright, so how to get ready for a wonderful summer ahead just in case of zombie so instead of saying stuff like you know joining the summer school and learning music we’re going to learn how to fight the zombies attack right. So first of all question for you Maya, here we have our lovely dog ash. Okay, here’s a question with ash would you have a dog with you during a zombie apocalypse. Yes, I know I’m so she can bite ok there’s a pretty probably should make a lot of barking noises when she so is a dog a good idea now because gonna be too noisy. Yes, ok so let’s have a look outside just walk outside and see what would it be like in the streets of is a zombie apocalypse. Ok, so after you there we go up your camera members wonderful morning close the gate they’re not so much I wasn’t get back in again.

Alright, so here we are as in the street you look at the street my okay a quick look see that’s what it looked like that’s what it looked like a zombie apocalypse because of the roadworks would be there for about three or four boobs and nobody would have ended the ability. So this actually looks this is our streets which just looks like we’ve been under a zombie attack is not really putting pipes. And so let’s look at wonder around my ok let’s go down here let’s find a little area so if it’s as if it were just walk like one so if it is a zombie apocalypse chick come on this side and it will this take a look at the cameras with it. So what are your own right zombie apocalypse should we make a lot of nice yes turn up and now what okay , shouting I key young bees with him yeah okay daddy you know all dead I’m gonna happen dad.

Ok, so i’ll be a bad thing up ok let’s find a little area where we can just stop and tell everybody what we need to do that he is still with us then this is very specific the guide the zombie apocalypse of the summer holidays. All right let’s stop here wait, wait, wait even though zombies here but yet this is what we’re preparing for over the summer just in case. Now some people preparing for the holidays is that we’re doing something different committee alright so let’s give everyone a little crash guide so first of all I’ll do a question and answer session with you if you have a choice of using this what is this show camera is down here. Ok all the way up this is what was that called what kind of gun shots gun shows how it works and then you shoot it if you had a choice of using a sword. Let’s have a look at the swords what would say the sword ok and take out this she discovered and just show the camera there okay we’ve got a choice it that all this what should we use first.

So I why would you use a sword give me your gun because again just if you wanna be quiet what’s the best one so yeah and I’m ready kill zombies what do you do you get many fingers you got there what do you do look at the camera is it talking to Jordan thanks come and distract a long drop the heads off that’s probably best. Ok so a couple questions now if you grab your weapons I’ll hold on to this now we I still watch until the until the end of the series looking get your face on me. Ok and she goes off shipping the computers would optimize all these weird is that no but by the way out that if you do live in charge and runners on this by the way it’s just something we’re doing on the morning. Sorry, ok they’re coming be quiet if you’re gonna walk in there to fear the walking dead nation or I zombie the end of the many movies have come out recently been to be very aware that it’s like a global phenomenon once upon a time it’s sparkly vampires and for some crazy reason it’s all somebody’s everywhere.

So I just put the fun we’ll just have a go at preparing for the worst if you are worried about the zombie apocalypse make sure first of all that you stock up with lots of food experience what it’s like you’re in Ramadan when people come along and the empty shelves imagine what be like a zombie apocalypse stockpile and go mainly for teens because if you don’t go through stuff at the last minute go off the phone. You know it’s there is no second going shopping but yea big elephant not climb up there baby well we’re not update don’t get down baby now get down chick to be done carefully don’t climb up to the top of mountains and get the zombies. Ok let’s keep it on the ground level ok deal, ok so that you get the better parenting don’t let your daughter club were trouble when fighting a zombie apocalypse they all right down there good.

Ok, also one of the things I was observed from actually walking abortion Walking Dead do not look about with anybody like Rick if you are a fan of walking dead then Rick makes the worst decisions Rick Grimes everybody looks about them for more than a period of a season ends up getting bit especially if you are of a different color. It just tends to be one of the things that happen apartment shown it seems to have lasted longer than most but many people don’t even know why but he makes it was crazy decisions like you want yeah yummy. Ok we’re going on the move now all right round the mountain and the other side of the mountain all right then it’s like you can you describe what we’re doing tell anybody what we’re doing them that’s fucking young beef from cold to call.

This world seeing you now in its cold but it’s rather cold with one of the hottest places in the world nobody gets cold in the UAE it’s really warm. Pretend it’s cold it’s cold why we weren’t sure Care Act ok so as a talk about it when you have a look around their season is obvious what he’s talking about this is a little bit what we were talking about the broadcast sometimes only hardcore we’re not going that far. Maybe, we’ll just do the cut the rest of the broadcast and finish off from the AK alright so sorry about that was just a little dispute that was one of the things it is on the Holocaust.

No arguments to be family especially not when you’re outside and when this was an extremely glad I would because that tends to attract zombies incidentally when you talk about the zombie holocaust what did you get him how many – I was a good shot that he might get students in one go there behind ok up yeah when you to fight zombies by the way you got to make sure you line them up they don’t always do that sometimes you do sometimes strange you get them. Ok in time alright so what we need to know about fighting zombies chick should always always be safe and sure you have a car yes yeah because look at you doesn’t care a little cup is better with up a car what kind of country we have a four wheel drive vehicles with her.

Ok I can you can you drive that kids drive – only grows because it’s only sensible shoe you wear your seatbelt when you driving mechanism is up yes why thank you will for die and then you will find that out the door and ended soapy and then the jumpy. You are exactly, so you’re very careful man picked up a seat belt ready driving around during a zombie holocaust now for those of you saying how pretty she has about this is one material callosum it’s a parent zombie is it I don’t even work got ya come very are fantastic go to Paris on me. Now one of the things that walking dead look we know all right I’m only joking we know there’s no zombies one of the things that’s interesting I did some research on it because it’s just what it was funny things like superheroes you think what’s real what could happen a scientist quietly working on a zombie thing that could happen.

Well here’s the thing I’m here right is it will let me tell you something like okay you’re a scientist you right here’s the thing about zombie holocaust if there was a zombie apocalypse then nature would fill the gap let me explain anything that changes in nature that’s all the surrounding things to make a balance of everything. so if you had walking cops is all around all that would happen is there a walking buffet so you get more crows all the natural predators would then step up and breed more so the place that really it all links is a lot more a lot more cats a lot more animals that would normally be quiet because the humans may be like oh and Roman bigger packs and they go out and Trump down on them second thing to think about as well is if you have no they’re killing standin there is no way these things are going to run about.

Ok so this countdown there’s no way they’re going anywhere you have a lot more disease and pestilence that we just basically become a rotting dead they wouldn’t walk very far anyway. So almost happened zombie apocalypse is nature would change you have to do much just go shopping and he said that your burgers and wait for all the end I’ve got to tell you if it was that happened to me and make sure I get it but couldn’t be bothered just sit there watching old reruns on TV on my ipod when working with something better to have them Maya.

So don’t worry about anything I’m a check we’re going to say goodbye now are you going to go off and it’s a crocodile zombies now they all right you wanna say goodbye shoot first no fighting I don’t know you seem to make it up as you go along with your equity the fight against you and say goodbye. Something happened me a meijer if you do get any problems by the way then post any tips that you have on this video at the bottom underneath the comments section and we’ll share them with the world. I think we should be ok are actually going where it’s nice and warm what’d you have for breakfast she may be a bit about so much price.

Ok what about brains but a trace yeah, yeah cake we want to get.

All right say good bye, bye, bye thank you very much have a lovely day and sometimes when it comes to weekend and it comes to summer holidays you just gotta play.

Have a great day!


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