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It’s The Weight Loss Show – So Discover How To Get Thin Without Dieting, Going To The Gym Or Plastic Surgery – WITH Gastric Band Hypnosis/ NLP

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Discover How Industry Experts Think, Work And Succeed In Business' The New Web TV Show For All High Achievers...

Discover How Industry Experts Think, Work And Succeed In Business' The New Web TV Show For All High Achievers...

Welcome to Episode 28 of ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand’

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Therapist Dave Crane

Here’s a few home truths about losing weight…

1) DIETING doesn’t work (for most people).
• It’s usually unpleasant and means ‘going without something you love’.
• Your body thinks that you are in danger and stores the fat, burning it off more slowly in case you can’t get another meal.
• You starve yourself for 3 months and then put all the weight back on again (and usually end up fatter than before you started off).

2) Going to the gym only works if you actually go.
• Statistics show that many new members stop going after 1 month BUT keep paying for a whole year afterwards.
• People give up because of being too busy to turn up.
• Too intimidated by the surroundings.
• Ignored by instructors and staff.

3) Plastic surgery has huge health risks and can cost a small fortune.
• Liposuction can be lethal if administered by an untrained surgeon.
• Gastric band surgery can be dangerous if the band slips and doesn’t change the mindset of the patient.
• All surgery has a possibility of infection and unforeseen complications.
• It’s also very expensive.

So what are your OTHER OPTIONS?

Find out here…

Mitun DeSarker

1) How to eat well AND lose weight with TV dietitian Mitun DeSarker.


Katharina Hansen

2) How to exercise effectively daily in 15 minutes without leaving your living room (with fitness expert Katharina Hansen).

Martin and Marion Shirran

3) How gastric mind band therapy can make you thin at a fraction of the cost of surgery and no cutting (with pioneers Martin and Marion Shirran).

Paul McKenna

4) How Paul McKenna’s ‘I Can Make You Thin’ REALLY CAN.

And how you can get the best of all these treatments today through Slimfast NLP.

And much much more.

All the myths are explained here and once and for all.

The Weight Loss show is here…

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Dave Crane


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