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Discover How To Play Golf Like Tiger Woods, Make 100% Engaged Events, Make Every Audience Love You, Speak With Confidence And Use Social Media Strategy Secrets Like US President Barack Obama (With Business Guru David Bullock)

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Discover How Industry Experts Think, Work And Succeed In Business' The New Web TV Show For All High Achievers...

Discover How Industry Experts Think, Work And Succeed In Business' The New Web TV Show For All High Achievers...

Welcome to Episode 5 of ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand’

Tiger Woods

It’s the first time, I actually left the Turbo studio and presented the entire show on location from the Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby Sevens.

Why? Because it’s all about live events.

I’ve been onstage for over 40 years (true) and so I felt it was time to share all the sneaky secrets that most people don’t’ know about when organizing their gala dinner, rock concert, staff party or fashion launch.

This new program tells you the 100% whole truth (warts and all)…

In this episode we will be:
David Bullock

1) Discovering why Tiger Woods will always be the king of golf.

2) Creating an audience engagement business blueprint for before, during and after your big show.

3) Talking to business guru David Bullock about Barack Obama’s social media secrets.

4) Revealing how to overcome a fear of public speaking.

5) Sharing the essential ‘do’s and don’ts’ of organizing any live event.


Plus hot cheerleaders, hunky New Zealand All Blacks doing the Haka and the biggest Mexican wave you’ve ever seen.

And much much more.

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Enjoy the show.

Dave Crane

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