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Turbo Daily 2 Ramadan Do and Donts

June 6th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily 2 Ramadan Do and Donts
Dave Crane

Hey there, hello, did you join me? Nice to see right then!
I was going to share with you about what to do during Ramadan, it happens this, will, Ramadan Kareem i’ll show you some of the do’s and don’ts of the experiencing and Ramadan is it living in the UAE and I’ve been in for about 22 years so it’s always essential especially if you use come to the country to know a couple of things that you were our allowed to do when I’m not allowed to do the same time and if you’re observing ramadan celebrating rather than experiencing rapid than anywhere around the world and security Kareem to you as well.

Okay first of all let’s start with the the don’ts because of the nature of Ramadan is very much about observing and respecting those who are was basically like if you’re Christian is that it’s like lens it’s abstaining from eating during daylight hours and also it’s a great time for family and observing Carmen spirituality so as a result of that things you don’t do is eat outside during the day or smoke outside during the day or drink outside you’re in a day I have to respect the host country after those who are fasting during the day that also involves in your car as much as it’s tempting to go biscuits way you not likely this gets nothing during the time that you are there. But in your house you can do exactly what you want to do and also there’s a number of places you can go shopping malls and food carts and a lot of restaurants that you’re in day time.

I was just a partition for anybody was fasting not to be offended to see people eating those who are hungry or tourists especially can go and get something to eat. Another thing not to do is a wearing skimpy clothes in your own house you’re allowed to do that obviously especially the shower but if you are walking around enjoying the sunshine then I respect to treat it. You know differently like that don’t play loud music where is in your car or even in your house it was disturbing the neighbors so you’re not during daylight hours are whistle or sing or dance if you do that in a public establishments like was generally close as well by the way then you can get into trouble for that so just observe the level of calm and that’s pretty much how it works what you can do though is into anything inside your own house pretty much as long as you respect the neighbors so if you want to eat or play music or whatever dance even in your own house and you can do that during daylight hours no problem.

It’s all so what is it all about well one of the key things about rapid and especially if you’re in business is it can be very difficult to pin people down to get contracts signed and get things done special beginning of Ramadan. Because people are in a different mindset of the people of fasting during the day so all the things could be very very aware of is at certain times the traffic gets really crazy so round about three o’clock, four o’clock it can be especially busy with an extra rush that’s something that’s created at about eight o’clock till 12 it’s actually four hours of rush as people have fasted. They’ve earned then enjoy deftly are as at they break when it’s like the sun goes down then everybody has some food with the family and then many cases that go out to visit friends and we go to shopping malls and so the roads can be absolutely crazy busy roundabout eight nine o’clock often up to twelve o’clock depending on the weary of you are, so it’s just to be aware of that and to get used to it as well. So what can you do during Ramadan, one of the great things about and that is a great time to work to experience relationships with people and say hello to people.

I was in a pretty good mood unless they’re really hungry in which case you got obviously give him some space and allows as well also the roads could be crazy during rush hours to be very careful so I’ve avoid those times I’ll give people plenty of space as a heading home to catch up their family or get something to eat so you can catch up with friends and family.

It’s a great time to just create new bonds so I’ve been trying to go in and close a deal sometimes it makes more sense to just catch up with people and say hi. Ramadan Kareem go around take them to a nice little gift a special gift whether it’s chocolate store for some of you can enjoy after iftar or dates goes down especially well so whatever you’re planning to do during this time some people go on holiday and some people stay and work is all up to you, your choice.

But those are something essential do’s and don’ts during this next month and that’s about it really I’m going to drive carefully and the roads are relatively quiet now. It’s about five o’clock and so i think i can get home for the first time in years at least in one year without hitting too much traffic I’ll concentrate on that and i’ll catch you first thing tomorrow morning maybe on the roof, maybe in the house, maybe in the garden you never know.

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Turbo Daily 2. Ramadan Do’s and Don’ts.

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