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Turbo Daily 2. Ramadan Teambuilding Tips

June 15th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily 2. Ramadan Teambuilding Tips
Dave Crane

Scratches chin! Scratch it!

Good Morning!

I’m they’ve created a hollow again I don’t know what happened to things when they’re going to roof and do a piece like this and sometimes the wifi is a bit . You thinking why don’t you Dave how do you pay your bill because look we got lots of roadworks and never know which cable they’re doing stuff too sometimes the white my cable and you think they should affected I’m going yeah i’m not very technical.

So sharp right I’m going to buy my lovely dog ash and my gear afterwards i’m going to be working out so that just proves that not just appear but Johnny’s and what is pretty much so i wanted to talk about rubber dam team building tips the whole idea is it comes to you rather than as you know if you’re based in it in the country where r and actually quite strong right by this time of year then in the workplace your staff will be there still work really hard. But was also a cut-off point if you’re fasting during the day that later on when you start feeling a bit hungry the energy levels can drop.

So what’s really is what this time of year because business isn’t as powerful as is a rest of the year in fact many people don’t want to do business many times meetings are cancelled or things are delayed for people traveling. So it’s very difficult to get business done but what you can do is get bonding done very easily so if you’re thinking about putting something together for your team here’s a few ideas first of all with iftar which is a breaking of the fast which is when the Sun Goes Down that’s a wonderful time to get everybody together will appreciate it. So choose something that’s really cool and the place is really good now what I would suggest you do is go down the route of making a traditional make Arabic why not even if you’ve got a mixture of of Westerners and an update from different parts of the world tournament together for the Arab experience purely.

Because it’s done very well find a place that works the second thing I suggest is make it a family affair because what happens is unless you’re single you got no friends if you live in a hole in the ground most people have other half who doesn’t go to work and during the entire town let me do go to work. He needs help support my other half to make sure that we get out bad they big deal of any politics but becoming too working to bring with them they bite their lip they get their work done at home. Whatever it takes another half who probably keep some strong to be male or female could be all kinds of little more combinations. But what it is is the family is very important and remembered an excellent time to start thinking about that because if you don’t find the family then what you do is you get buy-in to everything that happens for the rest of the year.

So very simply if you get the wife and the kids to come along I know it’s going to cost you a bit we’re going to cost you about three maybe four times the amount that you would normally have especially we’ve got a really big family. Because live in an area that has a lot of power cuts of it up a TV for the crows in the background crazy crows every time I come on the roof these little things rats with wings attack me today. Hopefully it’s not gonna happen I say that and you’re thinking I hope it does happen this video will be really funny good morning Mary oh how you sir when you consider where to go for iftar celebrations.

By the way, check out Mario and go and get yourself in a boat’s great option taking them out onto under the sea into the ocean and experiencing a different thing because what it comes down to his team building and and bonding should be outside of my comfort zone should be outside the way you normally go. Otherwise, it doesn’t have a big impact and it is an investment but think about the rest of the year that will come straight back to you if you didn’t invest in these people will remember it for a whole year. But might do you like anything you have to keep something up but maybe show me – nothing works that way three now when you get together to get your event excuse me make sure there’s some kind of activity that goes on.

Because you’re golden opportunity to play games or bring in some entertainment but there’s something that everybody will remember that it’s a very simple rule of thumb you are looking for photo opportunities to look at the social media opportunities. But that doesn’t mean you should actually make some fine and you to the kind of things that people do that makes you go oh well that’s brilliant that’s really funny. Oh that’s really cool people like you can have your team everybody wants to be in that position nobody wants to be seen during that doing things that are fun. Because it’s slow down respectful spiritual time for many people it’s on to permanently depends on the dynamics of your particular team.

So it comes to putting a team together and you want to do some kind of active till the game is always fun and the same building games the whole department bob was we divide the team up it’s a small groups or two groups again to play against each other now some people love to participate in that stuff some people is a bread and butter. Because spot to school I love any opportunity to compete but that’s not true for everybody whenever I do team building events. I always end up talking to the bus to say right get them outside of my comfort zone there’s a problem not everybody is comfortable outside of their comfort zone now that’s why you should do it well yes and no because for some people.

They work really hard with them their comfort zone I would do what we do very well as their strength and their really enjoy it. So literally if you want to get evil gonna get somebody who’s maybe in the accounts department who doesn’t say boo to a goose but not if you’re really well they don’t want to be taking part of the karaoke competition. That’s a worst thing you could ever make him do it just gonna be scared we’re gonna be offended really embarrassed and the world thank you for it. You need to get certain things and people to that particular styles strengths and interests so if you want to run a karaoke competition. They can be part of the audience message to questions like a big quiz all these kind of things are good.

Because they appeal to certain people who like to participate in that kind of thing and go to work out exactly who these people are now as you’re working out and bring it all together. Make sure that you do as a participant thing it’s like to be a surprise and people go wow that’s fantastic thank you boss and that’s always good. Because it looks good when they arrived and I thank you for it but sometimes it’s nice to have people choose their own what would you like to do. Where would you like to go we’ll make it a team app that does two things it makes you have to worry so hard about way go and also it means everyone takes the blame for their choice of where they go.

So that means that you can brainstorm in the legitimate way to work out exactly what the team building should be now tomorrow I fly seal burnishes i’m hosting the World Club tens of rugby finals in mauritius with my very good friend. And the maybe this so we go to the airport at about two o’clock I’m not sure what time i’m gonna get a chance to do another broadcast lovely doing before ago but as I’m probably gonna be packed by cases in this actually on the way over that might not happen. But the next couple of days we’re going to Mauritius I’m gonna be sharing some really cool stuff in there if i get access to Wi-Fi otherwise it might cost me a small fortune to keep broadcasting i will post something every single day.

Sure we had to run events and to be sure and we’re in now is the one that had from this time last year where is hosting the rugby rumble in Sri Lankan which was an amazing event wonderful people, wonderful country, great food. So I should chill doubt attitude really enjoyed it and the weather held together as well no one soon as nothing is gorgeous women great. So this year’s of the precious want to come back as a team-building son by the way thank you to take from 7th son yesterday thanks to read it and Tracy and Pierre and I was certain everybody what an amazing team building day. And I’ll send you some pictures of as you can see my daughter just been attacked with a bad crowd oh my goodness have a look at this crow on the world there you see that all right. But it’s flown off it’s not my dog look at that just goes to prove to the things that we do begin to bring about that segment myself and my lovely dog so that’s it for me. If you want to know more about what we do by the way then feel free to ask questions, i’m starting to get responses of people asking questions and comments section.

And please do give me subject that you wanted to cover and this broadcast if you like as well and also share it amongst your friends. If you’re missing out on these sessions as well and the only catch the lake and want to catch him live so in comments and I will be running some competition. So you can win some prizes and all you have to do is follow this page follow the video like it and so on and you get an alert saying they’ve created broadcasting now get out of bed to do something more interesting, ok! So that’s it for me.

Have a wonderful day!

And then now stop by big best look at this I Kevlar vest not really care about me you’re gonna work out how to stay young and fresh and wonderful day!

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