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Turbo Daily 2 Who are you really

June 8th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily 2 Who are you really
Dave Crane
Question. What defines who YOU are?

Good Morning!

My second session today, out your gate and I mean a wonderful rather than is a question more than anything because I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. And one of the things about when you got quiet time of year whether you’re contemplating family or work or the world is that big question of who am I so who are you do you think about it. You’re not thinking about you defined by what goes on in your head i defined by the actions are you defined by the people around you one day when it comes to your last day on this earth. You got one hour left to live and you’re lying there on your final bedridden resting place hospital home doesn’t matter you got your family and friends all around you people who love you people who care for you people who want to make sure that you get the best possible sending off.

But what is their perception of you going to be are you gonna be a number of different things in each of them are you going to be a mystery to them you give me a number of things that they all conflicted and argue about. Because to me they were that person to me there are that person how could you see that how could he ever had that you come back again. I think probably overheating because it’s quite hard and try to send the AC through the system to calm it down a bit. So the question is going to need to everybody will you be deceived us as the same character by everybody on when you finally gone are you leaving a legacy if you’ve written a book are you gonna be just disappearing have you even got kids I decided not to have kids always that simple you have kids.

There’s no problem that’s all to me this number here at all but that will be a different definition of of who knows you who misses you and what you leave as a contribution to the world it’s all very well and good to be really nice to everybody but when you go if you have left some kind of legacy and fewer and fewer people are thinking about. You know I want to have kids to keep the good thing going because you don’t need kids for your farm bill kidney kids to run your business you’re probably self-contained what you do anyway so it’s just a little thought for the day I love me too to leave your thoughts on facebook for me. I remember becoming section of the what makes you who you are and how you should be defined by the world around you by your employer’s by yourself or by the people who care about you know you best eat you have a different view of you and can you bring them all to be the same person.

How hard is that to be you tell you what came from another beastie boys and one of us passed away since but the beastie boys we’re taken by a guy called Russell Simmons and he was a good boy still lives with Godfather of hip-hop when he first started working with them the beastie boys were basically dressed like Public Enemy wearing Michelle suits of of all the chains and everything and the three Jewish boys and they go out on stage you do all the wrapping stuff and it just wasn’t working this came across as false.

So instead what Russell did was he went to their hometown and they came from a middle class of the no other side quality neighborhood that money be aware of war ripped jeans and t-shirts with slogans are in on and baseball caps back to front and sneakers and so on. This training shoes dead body from UK and he found that that’s who they were so isn’t want to be you brand you be the person you truly are rather that isn’t find yourself stop being everybody else. And they found that when the beastie boys went out as them they found an audience and they found their beats i found the way that we should betray themselves.

Have a great day!

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