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Turbo Daily 4.1. Hedgehogs revisited…

June 5th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily 4.1. Hedgehogs revisited…
Dave Crane

I’m trying to do it again this time just move this here and hopefully oh dear what is going on wobbly there you go another google but that tiny now.
Is that any better? I don’t even know if it’s better, if I better get my head and move around like this with my head fall off. What was the talk to you about hedgehogs. It was interesting, i promise! You but now i’m stuck in traffic everybody’s on their phones i think you know checking their emails or data and everything so it’s a low broadcast area. It up Wi-Fi quite as strong in this car has to do with the force so somebody had shocks and Jim Collins is two books built to last and good to great and they’re all about how company managed to last a hundred years and stay at the top of his game.

In this industry through many things for reinvention I’m a certain criteria but it uses to last for a long time. I’m other things that don’t do for instance is bringing rockstar managers guys who are one trip was not one trick ponies but guys to bring such a big reputation but they come in and they define the way that the team on the company is. And then when behind enough they go and they leave the awake in there well believe that empty after them because they don’t really promote what goes on internally and change the culture. They just make sure that you get some big successes during their time and of course if you’re a big fan of football and you’ll notice that that happens with certain managers. I don’t be interesting to say oh I will slander anybody but my just United will be interesting this season that right.

We’ll go there again so anyway there’s certain thing that they do creating a culture from within. So your management should come from within so they have the culture and grain the train and groom for the right position. Among other things that would talk about is not doing stuff that you shouldn’t do did the only thing he’s not very good at. And that’s what I wanted to say about today’s message about hedgehogs and hairpieces about being true to yourself everyone should reinvent themselves on a regular basis. Reinvent your business remember, you look remember the way you are there to talk about in business you should be moving on to a different company.

Every two and a half years maybe even changing that the job you do. So you become a more rounded character and you get more than an idea about how the department runs rather be a one-trick pony. They become very good at what you do but honestly in that position. You could easily lose it when that type of technology that you’re particularly strong at becomes redundant. So many different industries change quite quickly I mean if you want to look at the fastest growing industry is probably IT industry.

Whatever happens all the hard drives now that everyone’s gone to a cloud right now come is going bus left right and center because I’ve got too much technology. But nobody wants anymore because when you buy a new pc. Are you buying Mac? wherever you have been only come up with an instant cloud data package and with that why do you need to keep cds or keep any kind of hard drive. When you can just download it or stream it so you know what kind of thing I’m talking about so how do you make cell bulletproof? How do you make yourself so your hedgehog proof of a field simple things that you don’t know? What I had truck is I know many people might not a hedgehog is a rodent.

So i can use my hands- stopped in traffic. It’s like a road of that basically like a mouse or are a hamster with spikes on the outside and when it calls it when it comes across danger. It crawls into a ball with spikes on the outside and no natural predators can get it so you know foxes and badges usually get the UK.

But I’m sure a lot of places like a pocket bike a lot of places have them. So whenever any natural creature tries to get them not including cars. Because obviously that would be relatively easy I’m only look at the camera because I know about stop driving. Okay, I’m not going to the car and just even license plate of the car in front of the camera so anyway and so they very good at being the natural thing but not particularly good at anything else. That it needs to be because nature is made them so powerful that when they kill into a ball. This is that they’re perfectly protected from all their enemies. So what is it that you need to do the same in your business and do the same in your personal self have begun for reinvention.

I had this conversation we’re very good friend of mine about two days ago. Because he’s looking at choice of new career or changing job and it wasn’t sure what the where things are. They should be looking at, so sharing with you right now is called the Hedgehog concept.

Imagine three circles, one here, one here, one here, all interlocking and in the center is this or triangular shape and that it’s got a big H and they are big hedge hog depending on what you prefer to fit in. It was a very small H R a small oval shape of an H it was a big wedding probably get some of the hedgehog or even a real head wrong in it. But sounds kind of weird anyway getting back to the idea of a head shot was three things, three things that you need to check out you need to a list three bits of paper first circle first page of a list and first column for that is what could be fees. We say you’re the best in the world at doing so that means that if you want to write down everything that you’ve done in your life.

Your jobs and the job titles and descriptions and duties there’s a thread that runs all the way through but the things that you did really, really well when he turned on so you guys leave that meant to me.

Honestly, I’ll take care of that nobody can beat me on this I’m excellent at it whatever that is you can feasibly be one of the best in the world at doing it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best in the world but you know you had some to doing it that’s a key thing as number one, number two, the second circle is what you gray back again. Go back again, usually my back again, it means that we were running slightly slow so my mother is out of sync everything I love song all I lat it seems like i’m doing a toughy got some more no, I don’t. You got one just making a point candy floss. Okay, there you go hybrid of both so the second one is what you’re passionate about. What you love to do so much that you never get bored of doing and I’m not being rude here.

So don’t think of anything rude but what I’m talking about is you know if you do something that you really, really love. It and it’s your, you only have to do it on a weekend but when you do it you love it so much. One or think about something I into a job really can you there sometimes you get a look at google and find people do for a living. So it is possible but the thing is you could be really good at something but you don’t have your heart in it that’s not what you should be doing. So if you’re really good at banking but you hate banking don’t be a banker. Use those skills to do something you really like, like Flashdance. You don’t know what that is google it you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. And the third thing you got to think about is this what can you make a profit of what would people pay you to do.

It’s no good being good at something and loving it but nobody wants it it’s gonna be something we’re all three circles connect all three of those ideas. All merging together; Huh! Traffic’s bad. You have to do with James Bond routine and to avoid this late, in that Lane and go along with a bypass road in those got different name right now. Okay, just a live coverage of traffic here in the bite I should’ve had so much garlic in my ass forget the earlier so those three circles all come together. Imagine a hedgehog in the center, so you can work out what it is that makes you really, really good at what you do.

So you’re excellent at doing it what you love to do. What people will pay for that might not be what you’re being paid for right now. You might be great at doing it and people pay for it but you might hate it like for instance if you’re working in stocks and shares of stock. Exchange high-pressure job where you’re fantastic at doing it but everyone’s so stressed and just looking forward to making that big bucking getting out or maybe you can use those skills of something with a little less pressure a little more opportunity for you.

So for instance you can take somebody who is excellent and swimming fantastic swimmer, practices all day could be Olympic standard but it’s hard not in it you got to get the right kind of bounds. And when you find those three things and it go on google and put them a hedgehog concept. And that’s what you should be doing for a liver, liver lover liver for a living because when you put all those three things together you’ll find that your excellence at it. You get out of bed very easily every day because you love what you do. And also you’re making a good living now you might not be making a billion, billion dollars out of it.

But how many people have as much job satisfaction as you do. But still enjoy it and if you’re finding that you’re not making enough money out of it and is specialized to make a hedgehog inside their truck so within that you get even one idea. One area of what you do is your hedgehog and make yourself the best in the world at that bit because people will pay for scarcity. I’ll tell you more about the whole idea about what you will pay for another conversation. Meanwhile I’m going to concentrate on my long drive home of.

You guys are groovy. Look at yourself. Be crazy and to make sure that you subscribe to be a follower of the above video podcast. Together, every time I go live and that means we can interacting and ask me questions like they was it look more gray every day. You asked me that question, well that’s the question I thought we get on well. You want to cause a fight until now we get on really well. I was sharing stuff you listening. He was saying it like you again on and you had to ask about the gray hair go ahead and right then.

Have a lovely afternoon. Be good to yourselves.
I’ll see you tomorrow morning, will be doing something you’ve never seen before at least not legally.
Thank you. Bye.
See you!
Crazy kids can go now i’m going to press the red button.

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