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Turbo Daily 4. Hedgehogs and hair pieces.

June 5th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily 4. Hedgehogs and hair pieces.
Dave Crane

Oh broadcasting again!

Welcome to be shown nice to see you… and as you probably guessed I depicting my thing about so.
It was just a pretty in here I just see and and i am there there we go, lovely!

I was going to talk about hedgehogs and hairpieces today I was actually say something rude and hair pieces it sounds a bit like it I mean I changed my mind. Because I didn’t want to offend anybody but I realized I didn’t want to offend people. But was too or too late already type 2 in so hedgehogs.

Why would have talked about hedgehogs? by the way have I hope you’re having a wonderful afternoon, my name is David Crane. Live.. out their goodbyes as you can see from the road he’s getting busy. If you’re heading anywhere was he any heading anywhere is busy anyway but especially today. Because i think around and tomorrow I’m not quite sure but it probably will be. And so people are deciding to get all this stuff done today or shopping or whatever people do. I don’t know but don’t tell me so getting back to the conversation that we’re going to have about hedgehogs and hairpieces. This is a conversation all that being genuine. All about being true to yourself rather than that she doing what everybody else tells.

You to do I’m first of all let me start by going from the back bit sore from there and say look if you want to wear a hairpiece. And you feel three whatever makes you feel like a real you be you ok.
So let’s get that out of the way before we start let’s talk about hedgehogs this is something that I thought was just fascinating. Because if you’re going for a reinvention and i would recommend that everyone goes to a reinvention on a regular basis at least well whatever you feel that you need to make a change.

Sometimes it’s a birthday, sometimes it’s a new year, sometimes it’s Ramadan, sometimes it’s just when you’ve just come to the end of a big contract and they write want to do something different. I’ve been working on some stuff on my end which as you probably realized includes a for the first time in a long time getting high worlds. Here I am I’m goes where we got to where we the last 10 years and got you’ve got great I know I’ve got great and you’ve got a bit i always had a baby just didn’t notice. I had a bid was really hard on it well not really hard just did you shave very often shut up stop arguing love dave, Carroll in the broadcast all right are you still here.

Because this is a bit with so that’s the story about hedgehogs looking to reinvent yourself.Tthe best way to do it has been designed by a guy who wrote two books all about what makes people super successful Jim Collins the two books you should read and i always recommend reading them as audios rather than actually reading the books. If you don’t get time to read a book get them as audio books and listen to them the car.

That’s why do so but two books are good to great and built to last by Jim Collins fascinating brilliant really, really good in depth stuff. And what he did was he wondered what is it that makes a company last for more than a hundred years obviously the people who found it died..

Traffic and motivation…

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