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Turbo Daily. Brexit. How You Can Avoid A Mass Exodus In Your Life Too…

June 26th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. Brexit. How You Can Avoid A Mass Exodus In Your Life Too…
Dave Crane

Brexit and how to avoid one in your life…

Good Morning!
My name is Dave Crane.
Welcome to another turbo daily and I promise today to share your secrets of life, love and european union that you’ve been under stone and he probably realized.

But everything is exactly as we as you left it but if you’ve been checking the news of the last 24 or 48 hours when you realize that Britain has voted to be the european union that was a couple of things. I want to say about that and I don’t want to get into politics of it because I lots of friends lots of different countries and nationalities. And I think that one of the things that is different now the different years ago is that the idea of a board between countries is completely different the way it used to be physically enter our borders they need to get your passport stamps. And visas and stuff like that let’s write the internet goes we’re all connected as one global village seeking a relationship even a business relationship.

So the digital business relationship for almost anybody around the world about who they are where they’re from so a lot of paranoia and jingoism that starting to come out and isn’t quite as well founded as it was before. Also another thing I want to say is my making my daughter’s breakfast as we’re talking about is if that’s okay with you. I don’t you know otherwise I’ll stop if you don’t want me to do that then I’ll carry on just let me know that she’s upstairs and she’s watching a some cartoon stuff.

And it is thought to come and make breakfast and a quick check of you so one thing that has been happening is anyone’s talking so much about how they don’t feel comfortable with with France and Germany and blah blah, blah. Making all the decisions on behalf of the Briton and produces about live overseas so really I made a decision a long time ago that would become an expat or I’ve been told that turned out as an economic migrants. Let’s talk to some of the economic migrants going to buy it anyway that’s your choice but what we didn’t say is it up through your opinion was saying that don’t want to be part of the European Union that’s a massive difference.

So for instance, I feel very close to a full cost a lot of different countries but it is a very close with my friends from France and Germany and Portugal blah, blah. A lot of friends like that but it’s not necessarily saying that you know we don’t like you anymore we don’t play with you all is actually being said in my opinion is like when you don’t live in parents house I can’t grow out of it. I say you look I love you but your rules don’t apply to me anymore because I can’t buy into it you might live at this move that I will just see each other on a weekend. And we’ll make sure that when we do have a relationship is based on the stuff you actually want to do as opposed to things have always been before maybe it didn’t work well as well.

So does that make sense to you ok so with that in mind I think there’s a lot of stones and teacups that need to be sorted out because people get their head around the idea now also if you are really worried lots of different levels about the whole idea of the European Union collapsed in which you may well still do. If you’re a bridge and you know who this is terrible how can we go alone well take it back 50 years ago Singapore grand prix at the same thing the only British Commonwealth British Empire and basically we can go.

And we can do it differently and so we joined closer Malaysia and so they decided hey we can do this with later with next week’s over brother and sister let’s start our own world going and economically with much stronger I’m trying for a while. And he work and Malaysia the mouth that’s 50 years ago now they have to be able to reinvent themselves completely different country without any help from anybody else and that one of the power houses on the planet. Singapore, financially is fantastic and their own ethically economically and a relationship everybody is so strong that no one’s going to notice that you didn’t get it right.

And if you wanted to be behind use something on bio med school but it’s not just some creepy thing in the background like ghostbusters there you go it’s like an owl been out of the paper plates with is stuck on from another paper plates. Ok so if you’re freaking out I’ll put in enough to worry anymore I’ll carry on with what you’re talking about so how can this whole thing coming allowance and why is it got such a incredible backlash for everybody involved people say oh my goodness that means that scholars believe and wales going to leave and Alan’s going and from now on will be called the united kingdom which because the kingdom is going to England.

And so on I’m not going to go there are any more politics about hold it so we get Sam knock my amount of the stairs and the top 20 songs wanna disappear to get a cup and products and milks go to the other side. And if you’re fasting right now I will again is a little gym in a minute which is why welcome here but needs must my daughter’s five and she’s the manager that ain’t gonna make me some breakfast. And you might argue with that compared to what happened European Union yesterday she’s not a bigger house she’s still gonna be my daughter. So okay so get my head around the whole idea show you something and I share with all my clients when everything motivation session what’s up you lot – sense and it would be very useful if people who have rental rate your opinion.

I thought about this before it all hits the fan because it’s all like almost no way back to be honest with you Britain’s wondering where it goes now European union is deciding i would still exist and who else is gonna be next because Britain was the second biggest economy in terms of the Union after Germany other people about saying maybe she got her own. But anyway that’s their choice here’s what should have happened from the very beginning. So if you’re thinking about in terms of your relationship your business, your partner, your kids or even when you go out shopping anything this is a very useful mindset to have a lot to share with my lovely daughter and mother daughter live in the dog.

I’ll watch same night that not big on cameras shuttering ranging from do anything ok here’s the mindset that you should have before you do anybody. Anybody in the world the only thing that anybody cares about is one thing here is is afraid what’s in it for me that’s it what’s in it for me people are horribly selfish. But they’re not horribly selfish and not non benevolence and no one helped everybody else welcomes there was something I want to prove it to you. You give money to charity on a regular basis probably already not I don’t know if you don’t give money to charity. What is it like to pets to make sure pets don’t get left with in the year and he care of your kids and the food and the parents and he gives to the bands.

Make sure they’re okay give me a whole range of different things but why do you do it I’ve tested this and more times especially over the last couple of days when i was doing that motivational session with my friends over in Fujairah. Ok, let’s move to the living room now I’ll do this with you so why is it good money to charity is it because it helps a charity is. Because of fact that these his dogs of his people all this this organization can make money on their own yes it is a lot of different things I’m not saying they’re not worthy while will say is ultimately comes down to one thing I’ll think about it you give money to charity.

Because ultimately it makes you feel good to help other people so despite everything you’re doing something for other people because you saying what’s in it for me what’s in it for me is I feel good giving to charity that’s why I get the charity when it comes down to a relationship with anybody Robinson I demand addition I’ve got loads of money you should be that we should love me or I’ve got loads of contact you should hang around with me or look at the history of one of them. In the past, you should be working with me all those different things you have to take a step back and say from the point of view of the other person are they thinking what’s in it for me.

If so what is in it for them we know isn’t view that’s why he get into that relationship but ultimately of everything what’s in it for you what’s in it for them with that in mind everything could have been a difference the signs were there of European union that people were not happy in the UK and people are not happy and many other things many of the country’s talk about the economic situation where decisions are being made from a global point of view or head off this point of view. But didn’t filter down to everybody and the migration of them people across borders that would then have to be looked after the refugees a ton of different things that we debated for many, many years but ultimately somebody needed to say right UK you’re gonna be thinking what’s in it for me.

And if you only think about what’s in it for everybody then I am really surprised with some internal sources this is worth many more guys I’m off now I’m not it’s all about politics I can say probably touched a few bits and pieces but for me up a little different and different nationalities. And stay friends of mine regardless of whether we’re doing business with me or not but how do you think about that or phrase what’s in it for me and start applying it to all your clients or your friends all your relationships.

Because ultimately that’s what they’re thinking about that might not put his blatant is that what we are thinking my relationship you can just be on one way streets as we two ways a given gift. If you’re committing back to me I have to stop doing it time is too short relationship too difficult to keep going there’s always other options at some point and what you don’t want those people to start any other options and then comparing them to you. So if we were very, very early start from today onwards with any relationship you have analyzed the way that you do business and our lives the way they do your marketing forget tell people how great you are think about it from their point of view.

And then we asked the question fine what’s in it for me that’s it that’s what’s in it for me I just wanted to share that with you not particularly funny at the Sun not take your little wonder and no finish making my eyes breakfast have a look at this all the food groups represented. She’s got peanut butter to a glass of milk and just going to be watching TV upstairs and that will sit there patiently doing his emails and it’s time to do something else or maybe I’ll go to the gym yeah.

Maybe I should go to the gym. I have a wonderful day share this with everybody. Make sure you leave your comments let me know how you think about it and if you subscribe to my great regular videos. You’ll find out where you live. You can share that months, the world.

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