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Turbo Daily. Brexit And What To Do Next…

June 27th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. Brexit And What To Do Next…
Dave Crane

Another ‪#‎Brixet‬ perspective from my friend Dave Crane. Please watch, you might find it interesting 😊✌️

Good Morning! It’s me Dave Crane, stuck by flies straight here on the roof ready to go to begin again in there. Yes it’s been a while and lots of dinner as well oh you’re feeling good and I wanted to. I wanted to say a few things about the brakes it now everyone’s talking about it non-stop so there’s no point changing the subject. Because this is going to go on for a little while and it was being really surprised about is a mad nasty sense that people are saying. First of all, it’s like a big surprise and we didn’t know what was gonna happen and nobody expected this and what I could have an effect on what we did for the future and what about our kids and there’s an old person’s decision not young person’s decision what about all the people who did votes.

And they said you wanted to remain what happens to all those people because as it does is it direct result it shows how little we have been controlled are given an influence over what happens for the country. Also work the fact that David Cameron’s decided to resign it also means that we’ve got somebody in charge it wasn’t voted in who’s now looking after all the interests of Richard nobody knows who it is and also the fact the next Doctor an effect is like to be that Scotland’s gonna go independence. Because now they’re really incentivized to take part of Europe as a small independent nation I’m not going to comment on any of this whales may follow suit and islands may end up becoming a solid island together with North and South being a part of the same country which is not a bad thing anyway. Without leaves England then being called the kingdom as opposed to being called United Kingdom because there’s nobody to you like to look there’s a lot of things are gonna happen and what I would suggest is one thing that saved the people women when I’m doing coaching and it’s a very simple principle because right now everyone’s doing blame I watch people talking about kicking people off their facebook page you’re not my friend anymore.

If you can’t behave civilly on my wall then then don’t talk to me that’s all which I understand completely but the end of the day these were people that you had his friends for a very long time whenever politics comes in it shapes and changes the way that you relate to people it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad it’s just got a different opinion which are allowed to have your perfectly happy with him before the hell. So was it changed so dramatically just because you don’t buy into same ideas and principles that you do maybe we did make a vote may be made of those different to you maybe there’s still going on about it in a way that they need guidance most of the time of people are going on around about it is because they’re trying to reevaluate in their heads where they actually sit in this situation.

If you are pretty sure that you know what you’re talking about you don’t talk about it if your martial arts near the toughest guy in the room and your black belt in numerous different disciplines the last thing you do is show everybody how tough you are. You don’t need to you are tough anybody wants to question that you show them being said confidently and number of things are going to go on over the next. This could be two years mean John Lincoln very good friend of mine works better salads and around seven social media I bet that Britain’s back in two years who’s up for that best you might be right, John. Personally I don’t think that’s gonna happen one of the things that’s going to happen is now one of the cells and rest of Europe says what Britain lakers after all that was the case Britain never said that they don’t feel your opinion.

We just don’t like being governed by the European Union is a different thing completely different thing everybody feels your opinion and they feel nationalistic at the same time we just don’t want to end up having to compensate with laws that fit all that don’t really fit anybody that’s what the vote seem to be about. And so what it leaves an opportunity first to make individual relationships with everybody which wasn’t there before but also to consider which nationalities in the world which countries in the world would actually like to be in a relationship with you. Don’t necessarily have to be with anybody in Europe you can share and say right now the time to get closer to the US of course in Australia or even China or Russia because you’ve got an opportunity. Now not part of the Union worst part about other of a nation that’s looking for financial and economic partners.

So there’s lots of different opportunities there but that’s not what I wanted to talk about that’s all because I think that that the baby is going to go on for ages and becomes really, really boring. He was really probably the most fascinating thing is going to happen in the next 10 years or so there’s one principle that came to life in the whole event when people turn around and say oh my goodness I didn’t realize I was gonna happen. And built around said hold on what so it was almost an even split but the end result is even on an even split it with a lot of people don’t really know what to think we still go ahead and leave your up as a as a result of its why did anybody say. So well it’s your fault there’s a deal 11 Prince while leave you with today and i think is major is a major effect. We talk about things to do it breaks it by the way my dog is in this is ash just chilling out can you see you there I ash there you go just like being on Sally just got her agent first night baby.

So one thing that has to be said as a major major flaw as far as I’m concerned um that’s a real question but everybody needs to consider cash not the camera here. We go whenever it’s in your personal life wherever it’s in your business life although I can I just change to stick with me for a second like over there again oh good I just took a Wi-Fi off. Because it looks like the signals going to go right, whenever you’re in a relationship, whenever you’re at work, whenever you can make a different decision like this, whenever you’re going to buy something ourselves something one principle. And this is it write this down ask better questions that’s it ask better questions think about it. This whole issue is all about misinformation this whole issue is all about not knowing what’s going to happen some people turn around said well why didn’t you make it a much bigger vote.

They had to have you have to get seventy-five percent of a belt or something percent of votes before we actually decide we’re going to leave well. These are questions you don’t ask after the fact, ask better questions beforehand but the problem is at school with swords but asking questions is like a sign of weakness. And back again very this might be Slade this joint this video because halfway through I wasn’t really quiet and I run out storage hopefully is restored this up again. So I school you talk about asking questions like a sign of weakness that means you’re an idiot people don’t know a bit wanna know about your stupid something your heart stupid questions. But that’s not the case in real life you should ask as many questions as possible you look at the success rates of millionaires the things that they do is they ask each other questions more than anybody else.

Because they need to know the answers if you don’t ask you just assume and as a phrase goes as soon makes an ass out of you and me and this is also very true and it comes to the brakes it if you didn’t know what the consequences were. Why did your belt if you didn’t know what the consequences were but weren’t sure what people are going to be around why don’t you make a big noise about it. And why don’t you get on to the people of hours of be. If it was possible of blessing and get Australia, David Cameron and discuss it better David Cameron why don’t you ask better questions what happens if I know you didn’t expect this to happen and nobody did but there we go.

So right now start asking better questions what is your position in it doesn’t matter to you I became an expert 22 years ago. 22 years ago I decided like many people did that I couldn’t find what I want to get in the UK so it’s time to get up and go left and came to Dubai and had a wonderful experience in sin and might have found a ton of successes. I just wouldn’t got the opportunity to fund in the UK having big events and travel around the world and mix in I made that decision is not a million miles away from leaving the European Union. I should have to cut the country proud to be British fiercely proud to be British very proud to be English and very proud to be your opinion but I just don’t want to live there.

At this moment, in my life and its belt that way for about 20-odd years so where the you position yourself for that ask yourself those questions because it’s been a massive brain drain of people from the UK going all around the world never happens in a natural basis. One of the things that is difference is of course any country that you live in you have the internet so you can choose a warmer country and still be British and still do business in the UK and all around the world the border thing isn’t as important as it used to be written as significant and impact as it used to be still pretty big. So here’s the deal ask better questions from now on every single stage clarified don’t worry what people going to say because they might undergo year whatever we pay attention.

Now wasn’t our was but I didn’t get it I have no problem doing that every time I go to a lecture or seminar even though it might be about subjects are know very well a set of a front there’s no distractions from people in my face. So it’s like you know scheduling stuff like that and if I don’t know anything I will ask and I’ll stop the lecture and I’ll ask or make a note of it not even later on but I will always ask the questions. So I can have clarification and clarity I know exactly what I need this whole issue is not just about what people didn’t ask the question is what happens next. Some people need to ask some really, really deep questions first of all how much does it actually matter how much can you affect and if you’re going to go to somewhere new with the way that Britain gets running the European Union comes together because i think that some more countries.

I think about leaving if you’re gonna go to a new direction where is that direction and maybe you should go there first and wait for people how powerful would it be. If Britain turned around and cherry picked the nation but it wanted to have in his own Union as opposed to taking on everybody and hoping that the middle ground works there’s a lot of different options that some of them are very powerful. But the bottom line is it’s done boohoo stop crying of skills spilled milk and stop making friends of all people who have always been your friends these people put in 10, 15, 20 years of a good relationship of you.

Why do you allow one day and one choice to be something that splits you up I guarantee those people are probably the one but one set of people who stuck by before I’m gonna stick by again. So she loved it ask yourself better questions get them to think differently and think what’s the worst that could happen your eggs is for a while. We got to go alone we’re going to reinvent our brand what does it mean to be British to you now anyway does it mean you’re pretty sure you’re part of the European Union well now you’re not part of the European Union is it. Time to then look at what makes you British and work out exactly how it all comes together properly I live in the UAE, United Arab Emirates have been here for like twenty two years ago I stood by his flights all over the place.

That’s good bye that’s absurd Abby I’m actually in charge and now she doesn’t normally look like this by the way it’s just that we’re doing a lot of words of the roads here are filmed the zombie thing. Gets it or not Friday of my daughter we’re doing a lot of road work and hit and prove it so what I love the UAE and other things that happens out here is all the time to read for improving and changing and things are different on a regular basis. What we did here is it’s very simple to say look this is the UAE is a Muslim country we do things a certain way but we also believe that business and money is very important to be.

So you can make as much business as much money as you want to hear but if you don’t like it you don’t want to do it in our way you don’t respect but Ramadan’s that time for not eating and drinking outside that’s the way we like it. We don’t like it or any of those things there’s an airport go go away go back to your own home country and see if we can do better we have no problem that if you change your mind come back again will welcome me with open arms and got best part of two hundred nationalities all here enjoying that experience part of that experience as well as.

When there is a global war global conflicts and things are kicking up between different nations here it seems stable because they don’t tolerate any green under the rule of with visit business and money and people have to get on with an airport for them people aren’t allowed to bring their political grievances to this country. Because they’re not tolerated that’s a really good thing you don’t spend your life have been a really crappy and painful debates like you will do every other country night in a concern around and say look Dave hold on. Babe let’s let me call me baby on David that mate why would you suddenly take away your rights are both while you something to take away your right to have those to make I’m not saying takeaway was right to have a debate what I’m saying is if you know that your world is actually full of things that you can influence got beautiful wife good kids great friends of the business opportunities left right.

And center why do you waste your time with the things that you can’t affect like to pay attention to the news or a deal with politics all the time these are all things that I put out there to keep you enthralled like a bit of a drug to be honest with you. But unless you can actually affect to make a massive impact then he shouldn’t touch him coaster at the things you really can have an impact on now that sounds counterintuitive to what has happened to Rex. It was still truth is you need to be able to decide what it means for you it’s a personal choice it makes no difference to been fine. Maybe it’s time for you to get out of the country, maybe for this time to get back in the country and have a real control of what happens next.

Bottom line is I’m his old Ranch is about one thing ask better questions from this side on Robin telling people they should be asking what they think it should be and become super fun about the way affects you forget everybody else as they’re trying to do it even as a nation as other politicians to decide whether going to stay as Great Britain the United Kingdom. I just beat the Kingdom with some friends closer the same land mass it’s all up to them what’s up to you is what you decide you’re gonna do it, to do about it and that means asking better questions from now on. That’s it runs over as you can see I’ve got all my gear waiting for me. Look at that, my crossfit gears ready I’ve got my music waiting to kick in to have been my little Merlin speaker building a fantastic by the way. If you haven’t checked out there get this is a disco in a box see that look at that yeah i’m going to start my workout and put my gym stuff.

I’ll catch up with you later, share these ideas are filled by the way to subscribe to this let everybody know exactly what they’re talking about and join the debate I’d love to have your comments always through and anything that’s interesting. Anything that you need an answer to that promise I will do a check out the regular basis. Meanwhile for me, from ash and from the way the world is turning, look at yourself and help with survive and even better day you never know.

Have a great day!

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