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Turbo Daily. Daddy and daughter workouts.

June 4th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. Daddy and daughter workouts.
Dave Crane

Up and attem…

Good, good, good morning everybody!
Welcome to save our daily basis a little show we called my at me, my name is Dave Crane and if you want to stay young for your small person you gotta work out as often as you possibly can. So today we’re going to have Maya and daddy work out take it with you need your walking it welcome to spot ok go look around your waist as well. What are you gonna do with them up ok why do you do this is good field what else to do you can do this at home what was going on. Yeah, they don’t go up and down ok so with that you’ve got your room and see let me help you with this. So with that I can see you’ve got your wonderful learn what we call this step machine again special because you do that ok gonna shoes you can do that whatever may be white all right. Let me go you’re coming home whatever exercise your people doing other things next the push-ups.

Wait, okay, go, go I want to get all right show you muscles look at those muscles who could resist them and when it gets too hot because one roof here in shows you what you did to drink. Ok, going so what he did to drink but is she great news great news nice lots of ice on it to make it nice and tasty oh that looks delicious but not about all problems are going on a truck show, Oh YUM. So they are force-fed by my daughter and exercise every single day and by any chance you happen to be an old fellow or no bird he decides that they want another kid a very sort of tender midlife crisis kind of age.

Then you owe it to them to make sure you stay around long enough to make sure you join of them all right baby let’s take it away against you want me to join his father in the picture. I’m yeah okay Graham what you say goodbye first all right so everybody something nice before they going to work out as well I’ll be yes my soul’s be brave don’t so I can’t see any better than that.

Thank you very much… Have a lovely day!

Take care of ourselves but I heard it first from there…

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