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Turbo Daily. Free coaching (revisited).

June 6th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. Free coaching (revisited).
Dave Crane

Good Morning!!! How you doing?.. thanks to see you. Welcome to Dave Crane, life designer, life from Sharjah look like I’m bending over don’t I? I should have a set the speaker of a camera a little bit higher lets it go like this it seemed a little bit that are very good and I hope you’re good today.

Yesterday I was talking about motivation how to keep yourself going and one thing that touched on later on with the other shows was all about free coaching, how to get free coaching from your mentors, from your heroes and so on. Now I know but when I do these extra shows on the way to work in a way back from work some of you actually at work. so you missed it completely. So i’m going to go through some of the key points again and one thing that’s gonna work out on a regular basis.

By the way, which you should do every morning if you can do is take a break the weekends and sometimes do with my daughter. Sometimes lie in bed and pretend to be dead Achilles be alone while useful things that we can be a speaker as well. By the way, if you’re a professional speaker get yourself one of these, this one is made by my very good friends Merlin. Channel speaker, but when you plug it in music is going to come up a good really embarrassing you can use these things work out anywhere.

Oh excuse me, music is absolutely anywhere but also when you decide that you want to go and do some work in the boardroom doing a presentation you might have to say 10 people and they don’t have any sound for your presentation and one of these is super super useful in keeping your bag. In fact I got on the other day but that size no joke. Probably share with you tomorrow fantastic and I’ll credit whoever gave him as well.

So what we’re talking about coaching now if you’re into coaching and into the idea that somebody, somewhere might know more than you. And here’s what you need to do you consider that someone, somewhere has already done what you’ve done. Now sometimes you get access to that person, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes when it comes down to it you have a look around and say you know what that person who are really admire could be all this could be. It could be Jack Canfield, could be Anthony Robbins, they might not really be available for you to talk to. So here’s what you did soon to work out instead my dog is here as well, eyelash my dog you have a baby there you go.

So let’s tell the story actually okay where you going magic. ash! So I mean an actual share this with you, so what you do is you get to know as much as it possibly can about your hero. It could be studying them. It could be autobiographies. It could be looking at youtube videos. It could be any of those kind of things what you need to do is immersed yourself and what makes them count what, what, what. Why did we do this stuff to do what kind of things made him stand out. What made him so unusual. And why was it that the end of the day people recognize them for being amazing. Now once you’ve got that you’ve got a lot about their mindset, about the decisions even to the point of watching their videos and understand the way they breathe.

Start to emulate them. Start to think about all the things that made them incredibly special successful. And here’s the magic your brain to the super computer and closes a supercomputer all you have to do is emulate their thought processes and that sounds like a really difficult thing to do. There’s not really if you think about it if you know enough about a person. You can predict pretty much what they’re going to say what they’re going to do.

If you’re in a relationship you pretty much do that anyway and if you married before they get it wrong a lot of time so let’s put this in perspective. If you are a Bugs Bunny fan and you go shopping and get really bad service you can ask yourself what bugs bunny say to this and some sort of thing will come back to you. I’m not good in a person of Bugs Bunny will not be really freaking with but some idea would come to you about what you’d say the same is true for anything or anybody now making it very simple when it comes down to your mentors, your heroes they will program your supercomputer of a subconscious mind.

I’d like to do is ask what your hero would say. So if your hero, if your music is what Madonna would say because you feel that you’re dealt with, a with a club owner who will pay the money I won’t pay you what you’re worth what am I gonna do. What you say go ahead and do it would you say walk out forget him you can do better than this. Whatever your thoughts are then your brain will be able to work out for you. Relating to that person I’m gonna let you go along that route the easier it is to work out exactly what they would do for you.

So, there you go lots of free coaching doesn’t matter who you thinking of who you’re interested in. Sometimes you get these guys to join you, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you get access to them and sometimes in a meeting in real life can be a real disappointment. I won’t say who that is but I’ve known couple of people that I’ve met in real life and I wish you’d stayed in my head because I got real proper answers at them as opposed to any real life.

So that’s how you get free coaching very very simple indeed but one amazingly powerful way is to get the answers that you need for zero budget immerse yourself in as many different peoples. You can do choose the best ones and when you’ve got a couple and operating just one that you’re obsessed with that you’re really not quite well. Ask them the question in your mind what would they say to encourage you to get a number of different answers. May be like you anyone she wants to be a millionaire in a B C or D choose the ones most appropriate and act on that. And the more you use it the easier it is to be able to work out and so becomes your own way of thinking.

So that’s it! That’s my cheap for today not particularly funny but it is true. I’m going to carry on working out now.

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