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Turbo Daily. Happy Fathers Day Motivational Tips to being a better dad…

June 13th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. Happy Fathers Day Motivational Tips to being a better dad…
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To Dads (and Mums) everywhere…

Good Morning and happy fathers day!
That’s why I’m wearing a Superman t-shirt, I want to share files everywhere that you are look that simple I want to show you what it’s being a dad. So I occurred to me when I was thinking about it last night but what makes it better than that what we need to appreciate that of course some of the things that happen fathers day if you make it appreciation for the same time you might not. So you have to generate internally you know what drives you one of the things that’s incredible about being at that is that to most people the biggest fear I think that’s what everybody the biggest favor anybody’s has in life is not not to be able to provide for your family that’s what drives you that’s what’s inside you that’s what gets you out of bed goes you go to work and you go fighting and all the rest of it to make sure that you can put food on the table.

And it only grows up I’ve been protected the best they possibly can that’s why it’s above all the things that other people would fit more than anything making sure you look after your family now the thing is this is different from the way that it works with mom because you know when you fell in love and lung I need both had that real love and obsession with everybody with each other about you know what she’s up to one of using a bad mood good mood those hormones those chemicals that get into people as couples to make me fall in love pass on to my mother to the child so that obsession that moms have a make and eat them properly and go to bed at the right time and address the right way. That is exactly why they’re happy because it changes and your relationship with mom change the same sign that makes sense. Ok let’s go to the things that maybe you never got to talk to that you can get salt to the grid my god that’s amazing I’m going to say thanks Peter crane but everything I am it’s all in the very, very best i can to be even a fraction of what you do or you did for me.

So how to be an amazing that come with it is going to work on first of all be nice too mom even we have arguments remember that she’s probably the primary care and zips I’ve been respect as you get angry and get upset and she’s tired pick up the slack whenever we can and also avoid arguments in front of the kids if you can do. Because they look at the whole picture and say you know what this is the way life should be well it’s not it’s not they should have the best possible upbringing if you can have a disagreement trying to take it so happens elsewhere privately. So you two can talk about elsewhere also a couple of things about being at that kids don’t care how well you do your work we don’t get it I don’t get how many tickets you have only one you have I don’t care how much you travel or what car you drive none of that stuff what they want time with that that’s a quality thing they’re after. So as much as you can do make sure you give them time they love that stuff and you never get it back again before you know it but time event that’s what’s happening with you will flip around the older teenage buds and then going out chasing girls or boys or whatever’s going on.

And they learn a lot less time for you to enjoy this time on your habits when it comes to being that be the role model teacher as much as you possibly can teach it for us test them get them to understand the things in life and you’ve lived his life lessons that are no rule books are partly blame me and so on. Sharing stuff but your own personality your own drive your own experiences what they’re after your work in progress you know nowadays everyone’s upset successful playing computer games and downloading the latest app and working with your candy crush whatever is the best apples everything is your kid you put in stuff on the ground below to learn from you and if you don’t teach him. Let me learn a great playground for other people’s kids so in other people’s influence like it might have bigger than yours and you could imagine now that’s always going to happen to a degree but you have to make a decision how much you’re going to be involved in this. I Met Your Honor, drive it’s so all the different things that are important as well make sure it’s been called the time make sure you teach you as best as we possibly can don’t go too hard a little bit are learning.

But make sure that you do still drive with them and give them as much energy and confused as notes : so much but teaching life lessons at the same time the most important like let’s not stop my goddess little girl Maya is basically, basically to take the blame for everything that happens to herself, to understand but she has choice so things that happen don’t blame on anybody else totally on daddy you knocked it over. So what you’re going to do about it that ability to understand what you do next is one of the key things that most people don’t know the end up growing up playing the society laying there Eric’s playing their culture blame the economy blaming blah, blah, blah it’s a real eyes and make sure be empowered to look after things myself so from a very early age do that there’s lots of other tips you can give like for instance read to them is Magic first thing in the morning me, right behind me that you can see me show you what’s this that’s my as fruit loops right.

She’s upstairs watching Teen Titans go and here we have lunch really that’s so much unbelievable problem sweet and sour prawns and then bread and cucumber now I don’t take the blame four by four make it. I bought it yesterday doesn’t it still counts normally mommy makes it the whole point is that you need to look at them the same way as you expect them to look after you and your lady is they may do it may not be a little bit right now. So spend as much time as you can do sports do all the things that you really enjoy them and they will learn from you if you don’t do it late you want you to find that the certain things missing in their lives I was a magic number how they take things in up into the age of seven they suck things in like a sponge after that was a little goes it we don’t buy into adults and parents being God’s anymore.

They believe they’re just a little bit all about time to get too much older age of our influence that you want to put in becomes annoying that game sound from their parents to the age of seven spend as much time inject as much knowledge as you can do to make you a stronger possibly can now you know exactly what you need to do is you that is inbuilt but there is no rule book to go to learn as you go along. Ask questions, talked about that talked to mom but the united front on what goes on because there is no set way you kids to grow up but most of all let me be ourselves a I want you there might be fifty percent of you gonna get to make up to be completely different if you get x and y chromosomes and put them in but any child grows up you can get to black parents having a white kid. You have to let my something white you know what I mean it really, really is a combination of genetics you can end up with your kid being exactly like are antsy I love Michael parents because the way genetics come together but one thing is true that thought process is that they grow up it is what you can inject into them.

So when you spend time make sure it is quality time call the time is not on your right quality time is coming even vote of there but even so if you do fall asleep in front of which you do sometimes I don’t just as guilty that does actually count is called your time why. Because it means you are there if you have to do stuff this stuff of the facility if you have to work at home let them walk around you – always drawing pictures and do all sorts of games and stuff and yes it can be a little bit annoying really trying to console but there it means the world why because that is in the house.

So it looks a little tips please please please share them on this post so anything you don’t think you know that I’m i missed because i’m doing his life and I might forget things and please put it as well I’d love to know I might be missing a trick or two probably missing a lot of tricks I love to hear from you. So that’s everywhere happy fathers day you might not hear from anybody else i hope that you do most keep up the good work we love you even though we sometimes don’t say and what everything today if you know that but get some practice to become one but all the kids will appreciate it as a direct result of the love he gives so have an awesome day look after yourself. Oh by the way, if you want to get my personal regular basis all you have to do is follow the the business pages click on follow and whenever in broadcast live which is usually about three times a day you’re getting a little to say that it’s happening.

So happy fathers…Look at yourself!

I’ll catch you later on.

Be good Superman!

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