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Turbo Daily. How To Host A World Class Event (Live from Mauritius).

June 17th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. How To Host A World Class Event (Live from Mauritius).
Dave Crane

LIVE FROM MAURITIUS… Want to know what I’m up to?

Good Morning! It’s me Dave Crane live from Mauritius, really excited to be here as you can see my big fat smiling face let me give you a quick silver room this is beautiful here we are at the old girl’s gonna I’m gonna get it running outside but true. Oh beach hotel which is in poor Louise Polly let me just to show you okay where is it there’s a TV I’m not sure what I’m watching right now some documentary or something if you’re having a look around there’s a room rather nice as you may agree as an area for studying in and you can see an empty great drinks glass part my studying was to see how duty free tastes looking around this is the bathroom wardrobe I travel light the money as they say in prison.

I don’t know making up the shower, one of those ones that looks like it’s raining I love that fantastic and that from blah, blah. Ok let me show you the review from my front room as well when you open the door this is delicious very careful of lock myself in my room now you see that beautiful is that I’ll show you the view from the back I’m still here hello ok let me take you through under the belt well explain to you exactly what it is but I’m doing here not just closing and say hey look at my hotel room in the car kind of doing that as well here on the balcony it’s quite nice.

So the lounger chair as well it’s nice isn’t it so here we are in the good fat let me before actually continue let me show you the view this is what I see first thing in the morning. Oh my goodness look at that but that is not being for welcome to Mauritius yesterday was raining a little bit you know what you don’t care he’s got burgers I don’t care ready is so here we are with the launch of the World Club tens rugby and they brought me and very specifically because I know how to work an audience. But there’s lots of interesting element see if i want to share with you just say you’re up to speed because when I bring up to speed on it.

They’ll tell you day by day how we progress the event is on the eighteenth and nineteenth of the what’s this weekend of the gym and we’ve got eight teams coming from all around the world so because major its talent about Saracens coming from UK too. Long friends Brumbies from Australia sharks coming from South Africa is eight teams of major talents mean but national teams all-star teams as well which makes it even more exciting.

That his of that limit so very first time has been held in Mauritius previously when I was going on is better like that that’s better was it looks like you still got my knows what he wants for them. So previously has been held in Singapore and by bringing it to purchase it means that completely different locale. But also means that you’re talking about a different audience now the thing is the guys in Mauritius couple of things that make it more challenging first of all they’re traditionally into football not interrupt me now. I think from experience of hosting the burger 7 for 15 years and being a massive football fan but ultimately rugby is a better audience spot to watch when it comes down to rugby 10 certainly in rugby sevens reason for that is so fast we settle this camera down. Here is not wobbly when it and I sorry I can’t watch you so rightly so fast but literally I’m like football meeting football sevens in in Dubai you can slow the game down and make a nail mill or make it a very slug defensive game if you want to get football.

So different way playing when it comes down to do rugby you’ve got to outscore the other team especially during the sevens everyone’s like an olympic sprinter like a hundred meters printer will score more goals more tries then the opposite team is doing. So it makes for a very fast game so very quickly the audience get into it. So that’s part of our limit we’ve got to make the the whole thing have an impact amongst the the locals here who are traditionally into football. So they’re bringing me to generate the audience to organize everything to make it come together am I brought in and he may be so you may know from left the bar every sentence as well and various things he does around the world – great DJ but here’s the thing out here the locals.

Generally speak creole am I understand English with Creole which is a dialect of French is what you got to engage your audience with that I can’t do that I barely remember French for anybody want to write old-school members Mr. McGuire admission pass. But I had I can ask for some frites bitter as German see that’s a Roger French’s so I’m not that good at doing it so somehow we gotta get in fees as in to work at the same time because of what the government wants to create here which is an interest in rugby and the next generation to come through and get an active interest in sports. We’ve got to showcase the latest young talents now that’s great young but the young people of like 11, 12 years old playing on a big pitch for the audience to enjoy but here’s the dilemma when you’ve got real top level teams and got local talents the level of engagement for the audience does change.

So you have to make sure but entertaining you create not only hits the audience but keeps her energy levels up other than otherwise the Wonder around now one thing that’s going to make it slightly more challenging is a hospitality area hospitality area is not inside the page. So it’s an area outside so people want to go get a drink and chill out we’re gonna leave the stadium and go there and of course when you start drinking and chatting and chili you might have an interest in staying there I’m gonna move off the balcony slightly. Because it otherwise you might get a lot of wind and that’s not just me talking it’s because it’s getting quite windy out there.

So these are the things that are gonna have to work on as a dilemma now the beauty of it is we have about two days to plan to get all the records together to get the schedule and down to get activities together and to make sure that when we do go live we can work with an audience and up to about audiences going two hundred sixty countries and the potential 300 million people around the world. So it’s not throw a game it’s a massive gig i’m going to be taking a live feed and covering it which means that we need to make sure that the stadium looks busy otherwise it looks like it didn’t have the impact amongst the community and it needs to have to make it a global event.

And this is the first time you’ve done it here as I say is in Singapore before so next year and the year after its gonna be malicious so is part of a learning curve for the same time as if you were in my position will make sure that it works now wanted to share that with you. Because this is the sort of thing you got to think about when you put an event together and also because the amount of people who wouldn’t have posted on facebook I’ve got the bridges you get over lucky gigs they know i don’t i’m going to work while do is off we’re going to work in these are the kind of things that fit at the end of the day.

If we don’t make it work but i won’t get to give you get is that simple so I think they’re lighter than sin is your job whatever it is that you do he’s got a level of testing that goes into it and also a level of achievement you have to come out with some defined deliverables and results for Rose is good case of putting them together. Making it work of course this isn’t even mentioned the rugby itself when we do the better of myself as one of the things that’s fascinating about it is position that people take on England. England against Wales and football tonight being English I’m gonna be watching England but the English expected to take a good kicking his name’s and Gareth Bale was all they’re doing.

So at the pirate the same as well so that but what England brings is a load of controversy people love England they hating life but we need to seek and stay in because without that the interest of a different teams isn’t quite as dynamic they love it seems we love the rugby. But you need to have that going on with this would be event okay I’m gonna split specifically talked about any English team we’re gonna make sure the engagement on the dynamics are just right. And the underway contestant you know we can know is live in the moment so you have a prayer as many different things you can do you put me in position and you might not even use half of them are the observations.

Are you going to do all the sponsor reads dimensions that yet you say you will do because that they want to make sure that there but the action is great for the audience needs to be brought up you might not have time to do is sort of adverse you’re going to show you work in the moments with the audience. So these are the kind of challenges of the car it’s not share that with you so I’m going through our meeting about before that I’m going to go and get myself some breakfast because as you can see look at that starving for all Dave.

And also people just heading towards the pool so this is me life from Mauritius I’ve got to do some work out might do another broadcast later on depending on how long we go not found that reason. I was late today is it sits too long to charge up my phone and I couldn’t do it in to charge it properly hopefully later on today before it gets to that welcome back to you. So have a wonderful day i love the comments let me know what you’re thinking I will be running competitions in by the way sitting with some really cool stuff with pairing all the goodies and gifts for you. But meanwhile thanks for this make sure that you click a like’ and following so you can get the new broadcasts as they come up. And I’ll be here live across the world look at this look at this shot it’s tough love marriages.

Take care!

See you soon, all the best…

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