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Turbo Daily. House Golf – the Daddy Vs Daughter cup.

July 2nd, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. House Golf – the Daddy Vs Daughter cup.
Dave Crane

Good morning. We’re having fun and so should you. x

I’m around, good morning! Ihope you find her having a wonderful day this morning. It’s Dave Crane and his table I’ve and other weekend like to do something a bit difference been talking about all the things that make the world a better place the thing that makes my world a better place. Yes, ok this is my little girls yes you’re right stick treat by I did dog hold them hold on let me just explain exactly what this is all about, stem with a baby right commit. Right let’s take it down so you can be seen all right we’re gonna be playing a game called the house golf today.

Ok and a house call for something we can explain completely with you but I know but you play it that that’s why it’s got house golf now you were saying something about the stick now it’s a club were talking about moving slightly so we went back and that’s why don’t you show will be. Well Congress was a good right you got this one with the pink one and that he’s got a red one so please explain what you’re talking to me the one with was that a stick the dog chewed my red club with this is the dog doesn’t look very guilty by it. Looks a lot more guilty of me it’s gone we’re going to your room is quite tidy actually still have AC on let me just start this am I gay nice and girly and on the right.

The facts let me just show you what I’m looking at is now standing behind a door saying it’s gone it’s gone and their design isn’t vibrating thank you very much. Indeed my all right chick and let’s find out exactly how we’re gonna play this card I do it every Friday, today often you got to spend it than quality time. Ok, all right let me explain no don’t throw the ball that may explain. First of all, I think it’s played so we’ve got two cups 2 2 cups which you got from the water cooler right and ok I mean everyone puts on the other side of the room. So these are the plastic cups are talking about just normal plastic cups are places where the window like this ok where the object from the water dispenser.

Ok, all right so you got your ring the shape the club and I’ve got mine here so what do we do let me just put this in a way that we can be seen properly okay make sure you have a look at maybe make sure you’re no fun when you play think these are properly. Alright so now you got a name that special technique called is basically waiting around tell me what to do people don’t know what they’re doing it’s only illegal for the tell me speaking to speak to one another no the web / club about do you have a plan extra explain to people. How you yeah, yeah, yeah the only one blue ok the other as about teams but I’m a flake off did you get a hole in one number of times and she keeps beating me at this game she keeps bees I’m not joking she keeps between.

So how have your shorts and I know you do thank you for rubbing it in so you basically what little club and have been shot and you go and you can see. There you see in camera angle at the same time my baby follow up then we’re shooting from very good of his camera wick oh did you get in how many shots is that. Ok, we’ll see if you get one more shot to take in but that was a good shot I am not good at this don’t is going in well you’re not even aiming at you what kind of shot is that’s ridiculous. Alright, we’ll have another good at doing it properly see the cup in the picture there am i doing again well that’s what, what four shots so far you can’t pick up the ball and move its what kind of treats are you know I didn’t never did I would not cheat when I treat no, no, no, no, not at all.

What you doing?
Ok so let’s make some rules up.

Let’s go to do what we’re going to do a hole in one.

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