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Turbo Daily. Kick off in Mauritius.

June 19th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. Kick off in Mauritius.
Dave Crane

Good Morning and welcome to our lovely Mauritius. It’s me, Dave Crane live from the Angela stadium here and we just have a little look at would be. But I get it was not so well but you can see this. There we got the genius playing in gray. We’ve got the Pirates and orange got the cowboys.

Now, this is the first time that would be is really getting embraced here are Mauritius and they’re really the football we’re going to run it. They have like 500 people who are members of the fan club rugby out here and at least a hundred thousand a fan of Manchester United.

I was in love magic and I can come visiting it doesn’t want to pick your love it promoting here is there is not many of them. But the making quiet lunch boys have already played and we got all the juniors stuff going on in about ten o’clock. And then we got our international games and that if we can still hear people. Let’s get quite busy out there which is kinda cool to build up an atmosphere from and now we’re and hopefully with and he made some ourselves. We’ll get the tunes working for that as well now talk about the man.

Here we are, this is Andy made this a long day and how are you able as well the income too crazy with your name Angela a stadium and the popular tunes we got like that. And they really going to try and bring some of the island dr christian just hang like at the island village is more prominent. So I’m gonna go for some reggae sort of stuff keep it like tropical and just try and is that something to be exotic really. We’ll go for like the big it is go back and stuff not just something a little bit more violent orientation really fantastic now.

Come back to get more feedback as we go along and it’s going to look at the tunes. I’ve got to go do some work, I’ll keep you posted and how we get on. Meanwhile have a look at what we see this is the islands and in a moment we’re going to have our first game which kicks off very soon. Let me just check on our sheets we’re going to have to learn against the Brumbies.

If you’re a big fan of rugby but that’s coming to you live from Mauritius what’s up there soon.

All the best!

Have a good day!

Welcome to #rugbyinparadise World Club 10s from Mauritius.

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