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Turbo Daily. The Secret of Eternal Happiness…

June 8th, 2016 | by Dave Crane
Turbo Daily. The Secret of Eternal Happiness…
Dave Crane

Good Morning and welcome to another lovely day my name is David Crane, life designer.

I want to share with you today the secret to eternal happiness and you’re thinking how can do that first thing in the morning. I’ll very simple well I have a better you can see the bags of my eyes. Oh my goodness!

I’ll get an old maybe I had a good time last night we’re not really a text to get an old all right what’s the secret to tell happiness. I’ll give you this in a positive answer very very quickly up actually decided today to bring a board to explain this to you. Now here’s a deal if you are happy every single day and there must be a secret to what makes you happy every day and the secret is transferable and other people can’t understand as well.

So if you’re happy right and you always on a high but that would mean that your happiness is on the level. You see this like that but here’s a problem if that’s very happy h for that and that is the sad like that then the idea is not to be always up here because the problem is as soon as you get happy every single day. Then how do you know if you’re happy or sad let me explain that once you get used to being happy then it doesn’t feel a buzz anymore.

It feels normal and then you don’t feel happy right have you just feel sad all the time when every day feels depressing so you have to have a balance which means ever get my green pen out, here that one see you came prepared you need to have something that goes like this every single day you need to understand. But sometimes you’ve got to have happy to have sad because then you can understand exactly what it is so sad days are only temporary and be allowed to read just yourself and think right, what I want to be happy tomorrow and then you know you’ve done and hopefully it comes back on again.

Hello, hi they’ve created just join me sometimes my my speech get staggered when the when it freezes I’m hoping it’s okay today. So that’s the basic idea you need to get a wave of happy and sad i was a bomb with lots of money and everybody loves you then you would be that spoiled rich kid that just always look sad and it understand what it means to be really really happy (Kardashians) didn’t say (Kardashians).

Oh by the way, hi to Ali and thanks for your encouragement yesterday by the way yesterday that’s the thing about the do’s and don’ts of ramadan, 12.5 thousand people watched it in one day how cool is that hopefully this will be able to share with lots of wonderful people joining us in Qatar, Bahrain Oman and across Dubai, Abu dhabi and so on so share it with your friends and hopefully they’ll get some good value out of it as well.

Hello to Myrsa and Eman who help me with my Mac can hear the birds in the background music these are crows by the way that normally attack me first thing in the morning. Because you see this whole area and show you where we are this is on my roof and in the background you hear the road works, you see it over there is smoke going off of my hope is only like the road works and not somebody trying to make a bomb fire or attack me.

So you know that crows see this as their territory and as a direct result of that was nicely crows sometimes dive-bomb me.

So now you understood but you need to have a balance between up and down to get happiness. So how can you guarantee happiness every single day was a very simple formula to it think back to the last time that you are super happy when was the last time that you were very very happy. So you go you know what that was the best time of my life now usually just turns over so you can sync properly usually what happens is your happiest time in your life is when something happened that really tested you.

Let me put that into perspective so for instance you did your exams at the University of school and he didn’t think you’re going to pass but you managed to pass and you’ve got great results that led to the University of your dreams. You went to talk to somebody that you thought would have an interest in you at all and it turned out that they were fantastic. Thought you were fantastic and he fell in love and had 20 babies not instantly because biology doesn’t work like that.

I tell you how it works at a later date with the ones or it could be something that you were too long to work i drove into view. You didn’t think you gonna do it but you worked really hard and you actually get the great results and that’s what made you think, WoW, this is the best day of my life. So the happiest times in your life have something in common every single time and that is, this your tested, you are tested if it’s easy you don’t care you expect as phenomenal.

If it’s too hard and you don’t think I’m gonna be able to do it you won’t make the effort leave it to somebody else so we’re gonna be a sweet spot. Let me explain this on the diagram of the sweet spot really is so if you imagine here but you’ve got a grid. You got this chart here on this side of the walk around the back you probably see my head. On this side you’ve got effort to write this upset them effort ok it’s about effort you put in and hear what difficulty of Rights and difficulty.

Okay, so in that direction the amount of effort you gonna make mac difficulty now if you don’t have to make a lot of efforts. It’s not really worth doing that would be hardly any effort at all ok and it’s too difficult to be able to do then you won’t bother doing it that’s very difficult. Instead what you’re looking for is this as the board try not to fall down this one here this line, here are doing green so you can see again. This is where you’ve got tension between what makes it difficult to do but achievable and what makes a certain amount of effort but it can be done. This line here is what you want to achieve every single day now the way to do this is to come out of your comfort zone every single day.

Do something that’s not super easy to do something a bit more challenging. Something that if you couldn’t do it really well you’ll be super happy. If you don’t do it as well as you want to then it will be ok but you’ve got to really step up to the mark that stepping up to a mark puts you in a zone. That zone is what creates the happiness. Ah… think about your mother, your favorite footballer or your favorite sports person or your favorite artists, they go into a zone where they go into their subconscious mind. A bit like you any driving if you drive home you go into a zone where you don’t think about things that the same pace as you would normally do it.

So for instance a top football player like say David Beckham or are Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t think about shot is his muscle memory dozen shots. He goes into a zone where by everything disappears and you can focus on what he needs to do which is ,I me of that area there the body then picks up and does what it needs to do to kick it into the net.

So with you, find out what makes your zone and go into his own as often as possible. More often go into a zone the better you become at doing things and eventually become of doing things the happier you’ll be remember. Here you’ve got to get attention if it takes too much effort you won’t make it you won’t be bothered. If it’s too difficult to get there but you won’t bother either. Okay, so you gotta put a certain amount of effort have a difficulty to attest you and it’s tension like a rubber band pulling on you.

Like this tension create your level of happiness – and once you’ve done that big smiley face with no hair like uncle Dariush. Once you learn to do this and you can create happiness every single day set your day for all the tasks and other difficulties that make it more difficult than ever before but also make it so it’s something that’s worthwhile for you. If it’s not something that’s worthwhile you won’t bother doing it but think about the results how would it be for you. If you can be happy every single day pretty cooler.

That’s it for today!!!

I’ve brought that body in, I might get this board for tomorrow but i’ll have to learn to clean off so I’m gonna get some, were what you call it terps servants and clean offer tomorrow. So have a wonderful day be good to yourself and we’ll come up some more really cool stuff. Wherever you are, wherever you’re watching, Qatar, Bahrain Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and wherever is, feel free to leave some contacts and some details.

By the way, if you want some more questions it’s a certain area that you want to address, the things you like me to talk about in future sessions, just let me know. And also make sure that you follow me on the the business page so click follow and that means you’ll get an alert every time. Ago, life i’ll probably do another session on the way to work and probably a session on the way back depending on how traffic is.

So look at yourself I’ll see you soon and be good ok that’s it for me my two pens my whiteboard and you.

Super secret strategy!!!

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