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Web TV is the future

March 25th, 2014 | by Dave Crane
Web TV is the future
brand new web television

webtvWhen I first started The Life Designers, I knew how important it was to merge the concept of life coaching with personal development, but also to give the client as much information as possible for them to do it all by themselves after a helping hand from me.

I wanted an effective resource for my tribe.

The Life Designers Tribe is all about self-empowerment, self-improvement and becoming the very best that you can be. Over my many years of motivational training across the globe, working with many different companies and nationalities, three things come to mind as possibly the most powerful lessons about my industry.

1) People avoid the responsibility for their own lives preferring to blame everything and everyone else for their current predicament. So it’s the direct fault of their parents, their country, the economy, their spiritual system testing them, their friends, their bad luck etc.

Whilst there may be many elements of this that are true, it doesn’t matter. If others can rise above and find success, so can anyone else, if they want to badly enough.

2) Once you know the answers, you can’t unlearn them. Despite the fact that circumstances change, people change and your future is designed on a daily basis, once you have started taking the responsibility for building your own destiny and successful future, there are no factors that will prevent your skills from growing, as long as you keep your emotional and intellectual productivity in check.

A bad series of experiences, a personal tragedy or spending too much time with negative people will often derail the speed of your growth but this is also made more difficult because you know that you can do much better and get extra frustrated that the results just don’t seem to be coming any more.

3) You have to keep your learning ‘topped up’. Its about ‘striking up’ a partnership agreement between your conscious and subconscious mind. You must be able to dream and come up with great and exciting objectives, solutions and strategies and then in practical terms take action and start turning those dreams into reality. It doesn’t matter whether everything actually works out the way that you’d originally planned as long as the momentum is there.

Everything else, including the content , the system, the mentorship and the specific philosophies that you follow can be learned and programmed in.

As the famous phrase goes… ‘If you give a man a fish, he will eat all day, but if you teach him how to fish, he will eat for life’, it became apparent to me how so much of my work is actually debunking bad programming.
Things we all take for granted about spiritual beliefs, money, love, friendship and family.

I also knew that people would want to view these vital insights in bite sized chunks as web TV shows. A web TV show should have a duration of no longer than 3 and a half minutes for a general audience. That’s the time it takes to Google ‘webtv’, put in your favourite subject, select a series of webisodes (the term for an episodic web TV series), make a cup of coffee and start to watch.

The nature of people’s viewing habits is changing all the time. TV on the internet has led to a proliferation of brand new web television shows which are either web-only tv shows or popular mainstream television shows which can also be viewed on the web.

Netflix provides an innovative business model which allows a brand new approach to the way that we enjoy viewing web shows. Namely, video on demand.

Whilst ‘House of Cards’ can gather Emmy awards, critical plaudits and brand new audiences (plus a business model that satisfies sponsors), there is a growing market for individual or niche programming for specialists and specific industries. These insider shows that won’t necessarily be of interest to the general public, but instead will be greatly appreciated and avidly watched by a smaller but higher level web TV viewership.

That’s the future of marketing and web TV shows. One day every smart business will have their very own web TV show.

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